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Promoting well-being at work: a holistic concept

As an employer, your job is to make working for your company as enjoyable as possible. No matter if it is related to ergonomic, organizational or physical reasons. This is how you ensure that your specialists feel comfortable in order to increase motivation and productivity - a win-win situation. Flexible working hours, comfortable working conditions through mobile solutions, employee-oriented schedules and much more contribute to this. This gives you the opportunity to unify the needs and desires of your employees considering work-life balance with the emerging workload.

Healthy employees are happy workers
Use software to make health management processes easier.

Health promotion for employers

Despite many measures that can be taken to actively promote health, there will always be cases of illness in a company. Our Workforce Management software gfos.Workforce helps integrating a thorough health management. You can define a limit of sick days. If this limit is surpassed, the system automatically informs a previously defined person about the incident. Both sick days and cases can be evaluated using the software. You can pre-set a notification to supervisors, employees or any other group of people. In this way, steps can be taken at an early stage to sustainably protect professionals, for example through healthcare measures to maintain or promote well-being.

Content employees are no coincidence: Evaluate & improve your work environment

Using software for health management, a causal connection between motivated and healthy employees as well as absences and fluctuation numbers can be made transparent. In addition to automatic notifications about absences or regular illnesses, employee surveys are an important information channel. In this way, personal assessments of the working atmosphere can be taken up directly, so that you can derive improvement potential from this. Employee surveys can also be incorporated into our software-controlled health management system. This gives you the opportunity to interview employee groups and thus determine their personal job stress index. This enables you to evaluate the working environment: Not only stress, but also noise, indoor climate or ergonomics have a lasting impact on the well-being of staff. Hence, it is important to identify organizational, ergonomic and structural improvement potentials in order to implement potential change opportunities as soon as possible. This works best if you combine and analyze objective data (e.g. bookings, planning, absenteeism, etc.) with subjective employee surveys.

In this context, there is also increasing talk of the so-called ‘life-domain balance’. Younger generations in particular place the ‘life’ domain far ahead of the ‘work’ domain - it is no longer just a matter of reconciling work and private life: Today it is more about managing the individual stressors in the private life. This means that health, hobbies or family life are considered to be of equal importance. Each of them can get more important depending the individual lifestyle. Business life is another factor that is strictly separated from private life: There should not be a negative impact on the private life resulting from work. Our software helps you to assess the individual stress factors of your employees in order to create a work atmosphere that is as stress and conflict-free as possible. Benefit from evaluation options around HR key figures and keep your employees' satisfaction high.

Advantages of our health management software:

  • Early detection of health hazards
  • Automatic information to defined groups of people
  • Promotion of health measures in the company
  • Assistance in protecting workers
  • Disease detection and counting of sick days
  • Definition of different escalation levels
  • Software-based employee satisfaction surveys for your staff
  • Possibilities of evaluating HR key figures to maintain & improve the mental health of employees

Increase your employees’ quality of life

We help you to keep an eye on diseases and health risks for your staff. Our software provides you with an opportunity to create better working conditions through using our Workforce Management solution. Request an informational callback now.

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