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Designing the Future of Work

GFOS mbH was founded in 1988. Today, we are an internationally positioned company in its second generation, generating a turnover in the double-digit millions. GFOS stands for innovative software solutions and comprehensive resource optimization in the areas of workforce management, smart manufacturing and access control as well as secure and flexible cloud services and IT infrastructures. 

GFOS represents not only products and services, but also our deeply rooted values. In everything we do, we strive for excellence. Our value proposition to customers, employees and partners is based on integrity, quality and sustainability. We take pride in being a brand that embodies trust and reliability, always aiming to exceed expectations.

Our services

GFOS - Software solutions for modern business IT

Our software is modular and applicable across all industries – suitable for large corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies. In line with our slogan "Designing the Future of Work", GFOS supports more than 4,500 customers in 30 countries with comprehensive systems and smart tools on the way to Work & Industry 4.0. To achieve this, we provide various workforce management, MES, and security modules, along with highly available hosting and cloud services. This equips our customers with all the prerequisites for a modern and agile work environment.

Customers also benefit from comprehensive expertise and excellent consulting in the area of SAP integration; more than 3,000 projects have been successfully implemented in the SAP environment to date. As an ISO 27001-certified company, GFOS also stands for the highest standards in IT and cyber security. 

"Dynamic, reliable, innovative and solution-oriented - that's GFOS!"

Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig


Important steps in the history of GFOS


    Foundation of GFOS

    • GFOS is founded and officially entered in the commercial register.
    • GFOS - Gesellschaft für Fabrik-Organisation und Softwareentwicklung mbH.
    • The entry is made by Burkhard Röhrig, now a member of the GFOS mbH advisory board.
    • Among the first customers are renowned companies such as REWE and Zentis.

    1989 -

    The early years

    • Gunda Cassens joins the company.
    • She joins the GFOS team as Head of Strategic Software Development.
    • Onken now also joins the GFOS customer base.

    1991 - 1992

    Establishment of X/TIME®

    • X/TIME® is published on the market as a product name.
    • Foundation of GFOS Systemhaus GmbH

    1995 - 1997

    Further development of X/TIME®

    • The software  X/TIME® is developed further.
    • It is given a professional and user-friendly interface.


    Foundation of GFOS Technologieberatung GmbH

    • GFOS Technologieberatung GmbH is founded. This subsidiary is later renamed GFOS Cloud & IT-Infrastructures GmbH.
    • Francisco Pacheco manages the business.
    • Objective: answering internal and external technical and technological questions and providing solutions.


    15 years of GFOS

    • GFOS celebrates its 15th anniversary.
    • Balance sheet: almost 100 employees / annual turnover in the double-digit millions
    • GFOS mbH is one of the most renowned software companies in Germany in the field of time management and MES.


    "Business Oscar" for GFOS

    • GFOS mbH wins the prize "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes".
    • This prize is also known colloquially as the "Business Oscar".
    • GFOS mbH was already a finalist the previous year.


    20 years of GFOS

    • GFOS celebrates its 20th anniversary. 
    • Balance sheet: almost 140 employees / new branch office in Hamburg.
    • The web application X/TIME® was implemented in Java.

    2010 - 2011

    Getting married

    • Burkhard Röhrig and Gunda Cassens get married.
    • The wedding takes place at Borbeck Castle in Essen.

    X/TIME® becomes gfos

    • 2011 is the most successful year in the company's history to date.
    • Balance sheet: 50% more orders / 25% more turnover.
    • The product name is modernized: X/TIME® becomes gfos.


    Expansion of the GFOS brand

    • GFOS Schweiz AG is founded. GFOS expands into new markets with this subsidiary.
    • The in-house GFOS Academy aims to promote young talent in the STEM field.
    • The GFOS Innovation Award is bestowed for the first time.


    25 years of GFOS

    • GFOS celebrates its 25th anniversary. 
    • The overall appearance of the brand is modernized. This also includes a new logo.
    • GFOS moves into a new, modern office building in the M1 business park (Essen).


    Java Summercamp & Mobile

    • GFOS organizes the first Java Summercamp at its headquarters with a total of 10 participants.
    • Gunda Cassens-Röhrig takes over as Head of Product Management.
    • The mobile workforce management software solution gfos is released.


    Realignment of GFOS mbH

    • GFOS expands its management team: Burkhard Röhrig and Gunda Cassens-Röhrig share the management.
    • Katharina Röhrig joins the family business GFOS at the beginning of the year.
    • The GFOS brand shines in new splendor: We present our new website and the new slogan "IT - inspired by you".

    2016 - 2017

    Innovations for the GFOS software

    • GFOS presents the new software release gfos 4.8 at the first user forum since 2010.

    New expertise for GFOS

    • Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher becomes Head of Workforce & Security Development and Quality Assurance.


    30 years of GFOS

    • GFOS celebrates its 30th anniversary. 
    • Mischa Wittek takes over as Head of Sales. 
    • Together with Katharina Röhrig and Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher, he is appointed to the extended management of GFOS mbH.


    Anniversary & management appointments

    • With gfos.SmartTimeManager and gfos.SmartProductionManager, new solutions for SMEs are released.
    • Gunda Cassens-Röhrig celebrates 30 years with the company.
    • Katharina Röhrig becomes Head of Business Development.


    Successful in spite of the Corona virus

    • GFOS and Managing Directors Francisco Pacheco and Burkhard Röhrig are delighted about 20 years of GFOS Cloud & IT-Infrastructures GmbH.
    • During the coronavirus pandemic, GFOS Cloud & IT-Infrastructures GmbH has kept GFOS operational and productive despite the challenges of remote working.

    2021 -

    New management team

    • Founder and Managing Director Burkhard Röhrig moves to the Advisory Board of GFOS mbH after 33 years.
    • His wife Gunda Cassens-Röhrig is appointed Chairwoman of the Management Board of GFOS mbH. 
    • Katharina Röhrig becomes Managing Director of GFOS mbH and GFOS Cloud & IT-Infrastructures GmbH.

    - 2021

    New structures and innovations

    • Mischa Wittek and Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher become part of the GFOS mbH management team.
    • "Designing the Future of Work" becomes the official new GFOS slogan.
    • The GFOS App is now available in all app stores.

    2022 -

    Growth for Future

    • Family succession continues under the motto "Growth for Future". Burkhard Röhrig is appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board. Gunda Cassens-Röhrig joins the Advisory Board of GFOS mbH.
    • Dr. Ignace Van Meenen and Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig assume the role of Co-CEOs within the Management Board together with Mischa Wittek and Dr. Olaf Zwintzscher.

    - 2022

    New (personal) milestones

    • GFOS Holding GmbH and GFOS Management-Beratung are founded.
    • The new major release gfos 4.8plus is published.
    • Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig and Dr. Ignace Van Meenen get married.


    35 years of GFOS

    • GFOS celebrates its 35th anniversary. 
    • The biggest relaunch of the GFOS brand to date takes place in autumn: from now on, a new logo and the color "Clear Petrol" define the appearance of GFOS. GFOS publishes a new website to match.

The brains behind GFOS - our management

The cornerstone of our management lies in the combination of traditional family values and innovative strength. Our management evolves established practices while daring to explore new ways in order to lead GFOS into a new future on a solid foundation. Open doors are just as characteristic as a clearly formulated strategic corporate development. Always with the awareness that "the future will be as good as we make it“.

More about our management

Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig: Special commitment

Our CEO Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig has distinguished herself as a pioneering personality on various committees. Her remarkable commitment is reflected in numerous influential positions.

Through her mandates, Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig gains valuable industry-specific insights into current trends and developments, which she incorporates into the strategic development of GFOS in a targeted manner. Her involvement in committees such as the board of the BDI Digital Committee enables her to actively influence political regulations and industry standards at the highest level. This enables GFOS to proactively respond to changes in standards and regulations, integrate them into strategic product development and expand its competitive advantage.

Federal Association of German Industry 

Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig uses her innovative strength in her position on the BDI Digital Committee Board to prepare German industry specifically for the challenges of the digital era. Her expertise and strategic foresight contribute to understanding digital transformation as an opportunity and implementing it sustainably within companies. In doing so, she frequently engages with high-level politicians and strategically utilizes exchanges within the expert committee to counteract overregulation and further enhance German innovation strength.

Unternehmer NRW

In 2022, Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig was appointed to the board of Unternehmer NRW (English: Entrepreneurs NRW). “This mandate is a matter close to my heart because it offers me the opportunity to give a voice to the economy of my homeland and actively advocate for the interests of entrepreneurs in North Rhine-Westphalia." Her commitment ranges from the promotion of digital innovations to the design of legal framework conditions and strategies that support companies in operating successfully in the digital world.

Ruhr Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)


Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig has not only been appointed to the plenary assembly of the Ruhr Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), but also to the steering committee. Here, she is committed to the local economy with entrepreneurial vision. Her efforts aim at promoting economic development, effectively representing the interests of the region at national level.

Deutsche Bank Essen

Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig has been enriching the financial sector as a member of the Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank Essen since 2023. With her innovative entrepreneurial mindset, she provides insights and influences decision-making processes. "This mandate means a lot to me personally. I often think back to my grandfather, who was the director of a Deutsche Bank branch in Essen and felt deeply connected and committed to Deutsche Bank throughout his life.” Her contribution aims not only to make strategically sound decisions, but also to promote the sustainable strengthening of Deutsche Bank.

Essener Unternehmerverband (EUV)

Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig actively contributes to shaping economic cooperation and strengthening the work of the Essener Unternehmensverband (EUV, English: Entrepreneurs Association Essen) as an advisor. Her efforts extend beyond industry boundaries to effectively represent the interests of its members.

German Engineering Federation (VDMA)

Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig also contributes her expertise to the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA, English: German Engineering Federation). Together with the members of the Software and Digitalization department, she represents software manufacturers and development departments of renowned mechanical engineering companies to bring these areas together.

Family Entrepreneur Association

Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig runs the family business GFOS together with her husband in the second generation. As a full-blooded entrepreneur, it is therefore a matter of honor for her to become involved as a member of Familienunternehmer e.V. (English: Family Entrepreneur Association). Her commitment to the concerns of family-owned businesses contributes to establishing a solid foundation for entrepreneurial success and intergenerational development.

Federal Association for Security Technology (BHE)

Her presence in the Bundesverband Sicherheitstechnik (BHE, English: Federal Association for Security Technology) is characterized by her enthusiasm for innovation and profound expertise. Katharina is passionate about driving the security industry forward and setting new standards.

Participation in these committees demonstrates Katharina's broad expertise as well as her clear vision for the future of the German economy in the age of digitalization. She devotes a significant portion of her time to promoting innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development, which has made her an outstanding figure in the German business landscape.

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision – this is what we stand for

Since our foundation, our goal has been to significantly shape and optimize the way we work tomorrow. Through targeted innovations, we aim to make work better, more efficient, and easier—for everyone involved. Learn more about our company's mission and the vision we have been pursuing at GFOS since 1988.

Discover our mission & vision
MINT Lab & Social Responsibility

Engagement – How STEM shapes the world of tomorrow

The skills shortage is a prevalent topic across various industries. However, to successfully tackle the numerous challenges of the future, the fields of Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences, and Technology are expected to play an exceptionally important role. Progress in these fields has shaped and continues to shape our lives. Therefore, we support initiatives, projects, and partners in promoting STEM (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics; German abbreviation: MINT) education from kindergarten to university. Through collaborations, partnerships, and our own programs – our MINT Lab – we raise awareness and actively strengthen the IT talents of tomorrow.

More about our commitment
Advisory Board

Committed to GFOS' Success

The founders of GFOS, Burkhard Röhrig and Gunda Cassens-Röhrig, support GFOS as advisors with their extensive experience and expertise. Together, they successfully led GFOS for many years, guiding it to its present size and success.

More about our advisory board

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