GFOS interfaces and partners - how to integrate successfully into your system landscape

The right partners and interfaces are crucial for the seamless integration and interoperability of different software solutions. GFOS cooperates with many partner companies and offers various interfaces to connect your already established solutions with the GFOS ecosystem. Here is the objective: Making your work easier.


Interfaces and partners for your requirements

New software equals higher productivity? That should be the goal. To make this possible, various interfaces are used when working with software that enable data to be exchanged between solutions. In this way, you can ensure that data from your ERP system, for example, arrives in your GFOS solution and is processed there. 

In addition, our partner solutions help to provide you with exactly the systems you need for your daily work. Our partner network is constantly being expanded to offer you the right solutions for your requirements. This enables us to add functions that we do not offer at GFOS. To do this, we rely on our reliable partner network.

We are certified
Your advantages

Why GFOS partners and interfaces are worthwhile

Increase efficiency

Rely on smooth data exchange and reliable solutions for your use cases. Automate processes and minimize potential errors. 

Exchance data with ease

Data exchange with the help of our GFOS interfaces. Track the current status of important factors so that you can react quickly.

Save costs

With GFOS interfaces and partners, you save time on manual processes and the development of complex additional solutions.

Stay flexible

With the GFOS interfaces and partner network, you can easily integrate our solution into your system environment. Our partners offer you additional functions for your work.

Increase data quality

Increase your data consistency: GFOS interfaces automatically transfer your information to use accurate data where it is needed.

Support decisions

Your decision-makers can rely on valid information from your various systems. This enables you to make informed decisions for your operational processes.

Our integrations

How to integrate your GFOS software successfully

Interfaces to ERP systems

Every industry has different requirements. The ERP systems used are therefore different. GFOS software has been designed to have open and individually configurable interfaces. This allows you to design the information transfer in a way that suits you.

Certified SAP interfaces

GFOS has been SAP-certified since 1992. Since then, we have been connecting customer SAP systems without any problems. In addition to SAP S/4HANA integration (for SAP HR PDC and SAP PP PDC), integration into SAP Cloud Solutions (SuccessFactors) or SAP-side connection using QuickGFOS is also possible.

Learn more about the SAP interfaces

Interfaces for production

We have a large number of standard interfaces for the ERP and PPC systems used in manufacturing. With GFOS.Smart Manufacturing, you continue to use familiar standards and receive complete, meaningful data on machines, workstations and more. You can also connect your systems and machines using standards such as OPC-UA.

Payroll accounting with interfaces

Simplify your payroll accounting processes: A total of over 30 interfaces to payroll systems are available to you, including DATEV, PAISY, LOGA and many other common providers. With our neutral payroll interface, you can also connect to an individual payroll accounting system.

Learn more about payroll accounting with GFOS

Our partner integrations

To ensure that you have the best experience with our software, we cooperate with partners from various sectors. In this way, we ensure that we can precisely map your requirements and expand the functional scope of our services to meet your needs.

Learn more about our partners
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Our partners

We rely on the expertise of GFOS partners

We owe our success to our employees and our drive for continuous improvement and innovation - but also to our long-standing partners, who are among the leading suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in their respective industries. This allows us to draw on a reliable partner network and offer and provide you with the perfect all-round package. 

Get a detailed overview.

Which databases are supported by GFOS?

GFOS supports Oracle and MS SQL databases. You can find more detailed information on our system requirements page.

What is a database interface?

A database interface is an interface that enables applications to communicate with one or more databases. It translates the application's requests into commands that are understood by the respective database and vice versa. In short, it serves as an intermediary between an application and a database. A database interface is therefore important for integration and compatibility reasons - it allows software to be used efficiently.

Which ERP landscape can the GFOS software be integrated into, and which ERP interfaces are available?

GFOS offers a very flexible interface concept. This means that data can be exchanged with any ERP system. Please contact us to clarify detailed questions about the system you are using. 

Of course, GFOS also works with SAP. We have had certified SAP interfaces since 1993 and can implement customer-specific requirements as a supplement to the SAP standard

Where can I find the GFOS interface documentation / API documentation?

APIs for the GFOS software are available. The interface documentation is issued on request.

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