Sustainability & commitment

As a company, it is a matter of course for us to act with foresight. However, we look at more than just the next few financial years - at GFOS, we consciously think outside the box: we know that as a globally active company, we can play an active role in initiating positive change in the business and social environment. We are delighted to be in this position - and we are ready to make our contribution to a better tomorrow.

GFOS – sustainable solutions and innovative ideas

Today's world is extremely fast - we are helping to shape this development by developing powerful software for our customers in a wide range of industries that can keep up with this pace. At the same time, we are aware of the numerous challenges that cannot be solved quickly. We want to tackle these too, which is why we create concepts that at least enable us to lay the foundations for the right solution today. What does this mean for our self-image and our day-to-day business? You can find out here.

Commitment - how STEM is shaping the world of tomorrow

The shortage of skilled workers is on everyone's lips across all industries. However, in order to successfully master the numerous challenges of the future, the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology will play an extremely important role in the foreseeable future. Progress in these fields has shaped and continues to shape our lives. That is why we support initiatives, projects and partners in promoting STEM subjects from kindergarten to university. With collaborations, partnerships and our own formats, we create awareness and actively strengthen the IT talents of tomorrow.

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Sustainability - better opportunities for more people

No company is perfect - we recognize that. However, we want to improve every day. The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals serve as a benchmark for our corporate actions. At GFOS, we want to give everyone the chance to gain access to education. The aim here is to be able to develop further and take advantage of high-quality educational opportunities. We want to strengthen sustainability and a sense of responsibility in consumption. We want to take action against unfair treatment and unjustified wage differences between men and women. We want to create and live valuable and appreciative work - these are our sustainability goals.

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