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Processes used in modern production are highly complex and thus offer great potential for analysis and optimization. Our MES software GFOS.Smart Manufacturing has a modular structure, can be flexibly configured as per your requirements on the basis of a comprehensive product standard and provides you with optimum support on your way to the modern Smart Factory: starting with manufacturing planning and the automated collection of all relevant data along the value creation process to continuous traceability, WIP intralogistics and many other application scenarios – integrated online production management with GFOS.Smart Manufacturing helps companies of all sizes in monitoring, evaluating and controlling processes.

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Main features

MES software from a leading provider: GFOS

Benefit from our experience with GFOS.Smart Manufacturing in the field of manufacturing execution systems which we have acquired as a smart manufacturing expert for more than 35 years across a wide range of industries. The modular manufacturing execution software digitizes all manufacturing processes in your company so that they can be analyzed and simulated. This allows you to uncover optimization potential and intervene in a targeted and controlled manner - in realtime and from any location. Of course, GFOS.Smart Manufacturing covers the requirements of VDI guideline 5600 and other market standards and offers you just the platform that you need to be able to overcome and master the challenges of your digitalization strategy.

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Your benefits

Benefits of our MES software

Interoperability and open systems

Thanks to standardized interfaces and support of the latest technologies, scalable connections to ERP and other systems as well as to your machinery and equipment are possible; smart retroftting for old systems is also possible.

Flexible and tailored to requirements

The modular structure of our MES software enables flexible adaptation to company requirements on its way to the Smart Factory.

Transparent and optimized production processes

Thanks to dynamic visualization, realtime data along the value creation chain creates complete transparency and enables fast responses and efficient manufacturing processes.

Easy integration

The MES software can be easily integrated into existing software landscapes. In this process, you can continue to use the existing infrastructure since our system compatibility offers optimum flexibility.

All features

Our MES software – as an on-premise solution or in the cloud

Get your ideal software and service package, tailored specifically to your requirements. As one of the leading providers of MES software, we offer both an on-site installation (on the premises) as well as a hosted solution. The company's own ISO 27001-certified GFOS knownCloud, which guarantees maximum data protection thanks to its data centers located in Germany, is available for this purpose. 

The innovative manufacturing execution software can be perfectly integrated into existing software landscapes, and can be easily configured to meet any company-specific requirements. Here, all our components can be used as per your requirement, wherein additional modules can be added to the overall system at any time. GFOS.Smart Manufacturing consists of extensive functions that can be used in a fully networked manner. You decide which modules you need and put everything together like a modular system: 

Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

With our production data acquisition software, you can easily collect all relevant data from the manufacturing process in real time in order to make transparent manufacturing-related decisions.

More about production data acquisition

Process data

Proper collection and evaluation of process data ensures proper documentation during production within the scope of quality assurance processes.

More about process data

Machine Data Acquisition (MDL)

Use valuable data from your manufacturing process through machine data acquisition: the open interface technology and support for a wide range of standards make this possible.

More about machine data acquisition

Energy data

Keep an eye on your company's energy consumption at all times. GFOS provides you with an intuitive solution for recording all energy data in realtime so you can spot and identify optimization potential.

More about energy data

Shopfloor management

Use our Shopfloor control module for an in-depth control your manufacturing processes. Planning the production steps in great detail ensures that materials, people and machines are used as efficiently as possible.

More about shopfloor management


Use our maintenance software to prevent machine and system failures reliably. The principle of preventive maintenance allows customized maintenance plans to be set up for all machines and systems.

More about maintenance

Quality management

Our quality management software supports you in the compliance with quality standards. All quality checks and approvals that take care along the value creation process are stored and managed centrally in one place.

More about quality management

Key manufacturing figures (KPIs)

The MES module for evaluating key figures supports you in calculating and documenting standardized key figures so that you have the latest information about your manufacturing process at all times.

More about manufacturing KPIs

MES dashboard

The MES dashboard from GFOS is the go-to solution for consolidating all MES data in one central location. The freely configurable dashboard helps you in displaying the information that is specifically relevant to your requirements.

More about MES dashboard

Payroll accounting software

Our payroll accounting software provides a solution for every situation, even in case of multiple models, incentives or bonuses. This enables you to transfer data to your billing systems with minimal errors.

More about payroll accounting software

Material management

Form the solid basis for successful material management with a detailed realtime view of stocks and consumption. This thus helps you ensure that the required materials are available throughout all the stages of the process.

More about material management

Production planning

Motivating employees and making the best possible use of individual skills: production planning helps you in ensuring that the availability and qualifications are ideally matched to each other.

More about production planning

Manufacturing time tracking

Optimize your processes with a tailor-made solution for manufacturing time tracking. Record data accurately and in realtime, and evaluate the important factors with just a few clicks.

More about manufacturing time tracking

In use

PDA system from GFOS

Exact production data acquisition as required

Our GFOS solution for production data acquisition is ideal for event-driven acquisition of data in the manufacturing process. The easy-to-use system enables a completely paperless documentation of all production processes and resources in the process. As a part of our MES software, the PDA module provides valid data, with which direct target-actual comparisons can be made and visualized at various levels. This helps you in optimizing processes and making your entire manufacturing process more efficient.

PDA system from GFOS

Process data management from GFOS

Process data as important benchmarks in production

Constant monitoring of important process data (temperature, pressure, etc.) ensures that transparent information about the actual status of systems and manufacturing process is available at all times. Process data diagrams can be used to visualize and accurately analyze processes. This allows any deviations and trends to be identified reliably and at an early stage. If predefined limit values are violated, defined groups of persons or the responsible operating personnel can be specifically informed about them.

Process data management from GFOS

Machine data acquisition software from GFOS

Keep an eye on all the systems with the machine data acquisition

Thanks to a powerful software for machine data acquisition, you will receive up-to-date reports on the status and activity of your machines in realtime. Machine statuses can be promptly recorded, possible causes for faults can be identified and suitable solutions can be found. Furthermore, as a supplement to your MES software from GFOS, this module also offers the option of quickly visualizing all data and transferring it to other departments or systems. In addition, the module is designed for maximum compatibility so that older machines can also be connected in a standardized manner. This allows you to increase the data quality of your manufacturing process seamlessly and sustainably.

Machine data acquisition software from GFOS

Energy data management system from GFOS

Online recording of energy data for Industry 4.0

Lower your consumption over a long term and reduce inefficiencies - our energy data collection software is here to support the digitalization of your company. The software is capable of constantly recording and processing data about electricity, water consumption and steam as well as typical process data automatically. This means that you always have the latest information, without the need for time-consuming and error-prone self-readings. As part of the MES software, our energy data collection software provides valuable overviews of consumption and helps you to take valid data into consideration for further planning. This also increases the profitability of your business.

Energy data management system from GFOS

Shopfloor control from GFOS

Use shopfloor management to define processes accurately in production

Our shopfloor control makes it possible for you to control your production orders accurately. Schedule employees, materials or machines for specific orders, define production blocks or leave the assignment of suitable workstations to the software itself. Entire scenarios with variable parameters (more workforce, more shifts) can also be simulated for planning purposes. This helps in efficient distribution of resources while at the same time, making it possible to identify any planning conflicts in the manufacturing process on time so that they can be resolved in good time.

Shopfloor control from GFOS

Maintenance management software from GFOS

Maintenance as a key factor for availability

Our maintenance software helps you ensure long-term availability of your machines as well as efficient use of all your equipment. Support by means of “predictive maintenance” is an ideal addition to our MES software solution. Maintenance plans can be created quickly and maintenance orders can be automatically assigned. Manage tools and manufacturing-related equipment intuitively at any time, even when you are on the move. Thanks to the option of time and manufacturing-optimized blocking, there are no disruptions to the operating process and your machines continue to remain fully operational.

Maintenance management software from GFOS

Quality management software from GFOS

Quality management ensures the quality of your industrial products

Quality management is an essential aspect of every production project. Our intelligent QM software makes it possible for you to define test parameters, test frequencies and fault tolerances yourself and adapt them to the requirements of your processes. As part of our modular MES software, this QM solution can be easily integrated into your ERP system. Any deviations and quality losses are automatically identified and documented. You can use our software to individually define which measures should be taken and which responsible parties should be notified by the system.

Quality management software from GFOS

Determine manufacturing KPIs with GFOS

Manufacturing KPIs – work better with valid key figures

The GFOS tool for evaluating key figures helps you in determining the KPIs relevant to your manufacturing processes, recording them precisely over a period of time, documenting all data accurately and evaluating it specifically. At the same time, these manufacturing KPIs can be visualized in an appealing manner so as to make positive / negative developments easier to understand. By using approved calculation principles and methods, the software can be easily adapted to your systems as default. This MES software module gives you clarity about the current developments and allows you to use this realtime data to make short-term adjustments to the process as well as to make long-term planning decisions.

Determine manufacturing KPIs with GFOS

MES dashboard from GFOS

An MES dashboard to visualize your entire manufacturing process

The MES dashboard from GFOS plays a key role in the clear visualization of manufacturing-related data. It offers the possibility of merging all information from all MES software modules centrally and displaying it in the browser in a web-based manner. Key figures can be broken down precisely and clearly thanks to the support of various widgets with simple sizing as per requirement, drag & drop function and customized design. At the same time, detail data and source data can be called up from the user interface for an in-depth analysis. Create dashboards for your worker, foreman and management levels with ease.  

MES dashboard from GFOS

Payroll accounting software from GFOS

Map performance based pay and incentive pay correctly using a suitable payroll accounting software

Errors can be extremely costly in accounting. That is why the GFOS payroll accounting software supports over 30 interfaces to common accounting systems (DATEV, SAP, LOGA etc.). Our MES software offers the option of linking information about employees, work data and orders automatically and making it available in detail as needed. This enables precise calculation of various special bonuses in connection with an automatic performance evaluation. Whether it is a group performance or an individual performance: the system uses realtime data for calculation and reduces your administrative efforts. Centralized data maintenance also minimizes the potential sources of error.

Payroll accounting software from GFOS

Material management system from GFOS

Material management creates an overview of warehouse and inventory

Powerful material management software generates a realtime overview of work in progress stocks from the warehouse to final production in your manufacturing process through track-and-trace. Materials and raw materials can be reserved for specific processes so that there is clarity about which resources are available at which locations at all times. This optimization of the material flow offers maximum efficiency and ability to plan across all manufacturing processes. In addition, our MES software enables acurate product and batch tracking, which meets all the regulatory requirements in the field of product traceability.

Material management system from GFOS

Production employee scheduling with GFOS

Specific production planning with GFOS

The GFOS software for employee scheduling enables simple and clear control and evaluation of human resource requirements. Match the availability and qualifications of employees precisely to the requirements of the respective areas of application, locations and times. If changes are required at short notice, these can be implemented and communicated quickly. This means you and your manufacturing planning always remain adequately flexible. You also have the option of transparently incorporating your employees' individual wishes into the shift planning. This increases acceptance of the tool as well as increases employee loyalty.

Production employee scheduling with GFOS

Manufacturing time tracking with GFOS

Manufacturing time tracking for greater efficiency

Our MES software for time tracking provides you with access to valid realtime data from your manufacturing process. Many routine processes involved in tracking and processing can be fully automated, while making all data available across all departments. The time tracking module is compatible with all other GFOS module solutions and supports numerous other interfaces to common tracking and billing systems. All areas, right from deployment planning and attendance monitoring to performance overview, can thus be automatically handled. This simplifies a wide range of processes - from human resource requirements planning right down to calculation of pays and bonuses.

Manufacturing time tracking with GFOS
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