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Every single day, a wide range of process data is generated during manufacturing. Exact recording, archiving and evaluation of this data can help in enhancing the quality of production, reducing downtimes and using resources more efficiently. From reliable compliance with relevant quality standards to holistic optimization of your manufacturing processes, the process data management software from GFOS covers every single one of your requirements.

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Main features

Process data management with GFOS – the PDE solution for the highest of demands

Our GFOS module for process data management (PDE) is capable of recording process data (temperature, speed, pressure) or energy data in addition to pure machine data such as manufacturing times and downtimes. The recorded process data is particularly important when, for instance, providing proof of proper manufacturing processes based on quality management guidelines. 

The module can be seamlessly connected to your entire equipment/machinery via the standardized OPC UA interface. The process data management via software is automatic and realtime. This enables comprehensive documentation of the entire manufacturing process. The link to the order data also creates an important data source for further analysis. 

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Your benefits

Benefits of our Process data management software

Universal integration

Support for independent communication standards (OPC-UA / MQTT) as well as industry-specific standards (e.g. Euromap 63 / Arcnet) and separate solutions (MDL Box)

Realtime monitoring

Constant and automated process data acquisition for the entire system

Customized configuration of process values

Setting up limit values according to customer-specific requirements

Easy visualization

Option to display process data as standard diagrams and tables

Alarm management

Automatic notification to the responsible parties in case of deviations and/or when the tolerance/error limits are exceeded

Quality management

Standardized process data management and process data archiving as proof of proper manufacturing processes 

In use

Defining and visualizing processes

In the GFOS software, you can freely define which data should be recorded, which process values are of particular relevance and when certain warning and error limits should be considered as reached. The monitoring function also includes an individually configurable alarm management system, which enables quick notification to the operating personnel or a predefined group of recipients. All the process data can be centrally stored and visualized as and when required in order to be able to easily record and respond to processes, trends and deviations.

Reliable evaluations with the process data management

Comprehensive recording, processing and storage of all the generated data using our process data management software enable reliable and selective evaluation of manufacturing processes right down to the machine level. You thus obtain precise and valid information, which you can use to control manufacturing quality, optimize processes and improve the use of resources sustainably, for the entire system as well as individual parts of the machinery. Utilize your process data to the absolute fullest - using the software from GFOS.

All features

Functions of our process data acquisition software

Recording and archiving

Use of tried-and-tested processes for recording and storing process data in accordance with regulatory requirements and individual quality guidelines

Customized set-up

Option to define the relevant process values independently for accurate process data management

Monitoring of limit values

Software-based notification and visualization when limit values are reached/exceeded to ensure process and product quality

Visualization of process data

Interactive process data diagrams for presenting progressions and fluctuations and identifying deviations and trends

Easy to expand

MES module on process data management with an in-built option to integrate further GFOS system solutions (e.g. monitoring systems)

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