Manufacturing time tracking – Overview for each shift

Professional manufacturing time tracking provides support to companies in all areas and ensures sustainable process optimization, process streamlining and cost reduction. 

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Main features

Manufacturing time tracking for greater efficiency

A software solution for manufacturing time tracking that meets the special requirements of this field and makes data about time accounts, attendance and working time models available in real time, creates great administrative and economic added value. All data is decentralized in GFOS and can be viewed by authorized groups of persons at the touch of a button; standardized interfaces to all common controlling and billing systems ensure smooth data processing. This automates correct recording of the working times and absences as well as special benefits from performance based pay and incentive pay. 

Time tracking and the storage and further processing of this data for internal purposes is assigned to Human Resources. Professional IT solutions from GFOS make it possible to store various working models and special regulations so that the recorded data can be further processed in an employee-specific manner. The time tracking from GFOS is flexible and can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the industrial environment. Be it special incentives or premium incentives, night work or shift work: our manufacturing time tracking records everything to the minute so that you can generate the appropriate invoices later.

Versatile and cross-functional areas of application for the various terminals in the plant, mobile solutions, key fobs and identification devices make it possible to network workforce management, MES and security software. The terminals installed in the factory hall can, in this manner, fulfill additional functions far beyond the manufacturing time tracking system. Our software provides you with additional usage flexibility and supports digitalization of your entire company. 

Experience the benefits offered by our manufacturing-related tools and cross-divisional IT solutions. Please feel free to ask for information material or arrange a non-binding consultation. 

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Your benefits

Benefits of our manufacturing time tracking

Flexible in use

Option of stand-alone use in your manufacturing process

Complete integration

Expansions and networks for MES software, access control software and diverse GFOS modules

Reduced effort

Automation and simplification of various routine processes

Integrated use

Identifiers for the time tracking system can be used for access control, logging on to machines or workstations and many other processes

Analysis and process optimization

Stamped working times for payroll, premium or order-related postings and much more

All features

The functions of our production time tracking

Bundling of time tracking

Management of all working times and absences

Flexibility in case of downtimes

Replacement planning in case of unscheduled downtimes

Support to multiple working time models

Defining and assigning working time models

Monitoring in realtime

Realtime comparison of attendances, target and actual times

Automatic overview

Automatic posting of balances to the relevant accounts

Integrated calculation of additions

Calculation of additional pay types and special benefits

Success Stories
  • “We offer our employees a wide variety of working time models: half-day, 38-hour week, 40-hour week and other special models. After all, we want to be an employer that our staff will want to work for. We also work in early morning, midday and night shifts. However, there are also special combinations to cover the capacities of the machines. This cannot be handled without a good time management system”
    Matthias Kornfeld (ARI-Armaturen)
  • “A tight integration of the individual modules - including with time tracking - eliminates any possibility of double data entry. There are absolutely no interface problems at all”
    Michael Dobrunz (EWE-Armaturen)

Successes with the manufacturing time tracking from GFOS

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