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During production, machines are constantly generating valuable data.  However without the right interface between system technology and information processing, this data just gets lost. Our interface here offers machine data acquisition (MDL). Such a machine data acquisition software helps in improving and optimizing machine run times and processes constantly. Discover the diverse fields of application of the data management system from GFOS 

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Main features

Machine data acquisition – a scalable data management system

A powerful software for machine data acquisition forms the basis for modern and data-supported manufacturing management. The GFOS.Smart Manufacturing | Machine Data Acquisition module provides you with the relevant realtime information about all machine statuses, quantities and other process data. All this information can be automatically monitored and recorded online as and when required. Our machine data acquisition software allows a fine analysis of all machine data. The data transfer to the system as well as the data migration are completely automated. This serves in increasing efficiency as well as in identifying any potential problems in the process at an early stage.  

Your manufacturing will now be intelligent: our machine data acquisition software enables complete networking of the entire manufacturing process. With well over 150 different device drivers, the module is designed for maximum device connectivity and can be used in connection with almost all manufacturing machines and systems, including in heterogeneous machinery and equipment. This is achieved by using platform and manufacturer-independent standards (OPC-UA / MQTT), but also by supporting industry-specific standards such as Euromap 63. In this manner, different signals are translated into a uniform, universal language, collected and then processed. It does not matter whether or not these machines are intended for network operation. Our data management system enables companies to exploit the digitalization potential of machines from a wide range of manufacturers and manufactured in various years to the absolute fullest. With an easy-to-create configuration that generates status events from binary signal combinations, useful information can also be easily obtained from older machines. 

Individual data silos can thus be broken up in a targeted manner - the open system architecture means that this data is available for retrieval by higher-level and secondary systems. MES becomes the central data hub of your Smart Factory. As an IIOT gateway, MES opens up application possibilities ranging from professional BI analyses to artificial intelligence. The machine data acquisition software developed by us - in conjunction with GFOS.Smart Manufacturing - supports you in setting up the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), thus enabling a future-oriented Industry 4.0 communication in your company. 

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Your benefits

Benefits of our data management system

Standardized machine connection

Support for independent communication standards (OPC-UA / MQTT) as well as industry-specific standards (e.g. Euromap 63 / Arcnet) and separate solutions (MDL Box)

Automatic status recognition

Realtime information on machine statuses and automatic identification of reasons for malfunctions

Transparency in production

Significantly increased transparency in production - for manufacturing as well as maintenance

Increase in data quality

Automated provision and visualization of more reliable actual data to enable data-based decision-making

Reduction in the data collection effort

Automatic data transfer and data migration without manual reporting

Universal connection of machines

Data is transferred via the manufacturer-independent connection of the PLC using global communication standards such as OPC-UA or MQTT. Our machine data acquisition software also supports industry-specific standards such as Euromap 63. More than 150 different device drivers ensure maximum integration of the system technology. Alternatively, online signals can also be tapped via the GFOS.Smart Manufacturing | MDL BOX. 

  • For heterogeneous machinery and equipment 
  • Independent of the manufacturer or year 
  • Subsequent and step-by-step connection of systems possible without any problems 

The OPC interface is the international standard interface in automation technology. The control system provides the data via the OPC server. The connection and maintenance efforts are considerably reduced using the OPC standard, thus eliminating the need to define elaborate interfaces for the setup of the data management system. At the same time, security and reliability of the communication lines are guaranteed. 

The GFOS.Smart Manufacturing MDL connectors communicate via the network as clients with the OPC servers.  

Efficient status identification for machines and systems

The machine data acquisition software from GFOS.Smart Manufacturing derives logical machine statuses. All statuses and changes are automatically recorded and prepared for further processing. The use of online production monitoring in combination with the data management system makes it possible for the realtime status of the individual workstations and machines to be graphically displayed. 

  • Machine monitoring with status monitoring 
  • Realtime information about capacity utilization, downtimes or malfunctions 
  • Easy adaptation to all machine and system types 
  • Automatic recording of all machine statuses 
  • Complete visualization  
  • Simultaneous monitoring of energy (electricity / gas / steam) 
All features

Functions of the data management system at a glance

Bidirectional data exchange

Central data hub based on communication standards (OPC-UA/MQTT/etc.) for bidirectional data exchange with the machinery and equipment - data is written as well as read

MDL box for connection

Integration of systems without a controller or their own digitization-compatible interface

Easy integration

Modular design and scalable expansion options; test pilots are not an issue

Alarm management

Automated status determination and active notifications in the event of machine and cycle time faults 

Online Production Monitoring

Graphical representation of the realtime status of workstations and machines

Configurable evaluation system and dashboard

Detailed evaluations in accordance with VDMA 66412 available in the machine data acquisition software at just a touch of a button

In use

Connection of machines via MDL BOX

Systems without a controller or network-capable interface can be connected via the GFOS.Smart Manufacturing | MDL BOX. The MDL BOX is a universal, small communication adapter that can be easily connected to the system by your electrician. Digital system and sensor signals such as cycles, counters or faults can thus be received and converted into transmittable MDL data. The box is connected to the GFOS.Smart Manufacturing MDL Connector via the network so that the data reaches exactly where it is required via standardized OPC communication. Smart Retrofitting made easy! 

The machine data acquisition software can then be used to derive machine statuses from signal combinations, runtime faults from the cycle signal and the produced quantity from the counters. Up to twelve systems can be connected per box, and any number of boxes can be simultaneously combined. 

  • MDL BOX as a supplement to the OPC interface 
  • Increase in the degree of automation 
  • Practical and cost-effective solution for older machines and systems 
  • Using digitization potential to the fullest 
  • No need for expensive retrofitting or new purchases 
  • Complete integration into the data management system 

Comprehensive evaluations for a powerful database

The wide range of evaluation options within the MDL provide support to the controlling, maintenance and production control divisions in their tasks. In addition, downtimes and reasons for faults can be analyzed on the basis of the MDL data. This data forms the basis for important KPIs, such as the OEE calculation. 

  • Evaluations according to VDMA 66412 directly available as templates 
  • Option to analyze performance at all times 
  • Information on set-up time analyses / malfunction statistics / OEE key figures 
  • Simple configuration of the evaluations according to your own requirements 
“The transparency in our manufacturing process is now much higher” “The master always has his finger on the pulse”
Sven Schäfer (Richard Wolf)
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