Maintenance management software – Your solution against manufacturing downtimes

The breakdown of your machinery or equipment can have a significant impact on the entire production process. This leads to delays and incurs additional personnel and financial expenditure. Our maintenance management software helps you in reducing such disruptions as much as possible as well as in planning and documenting all the maintenance work.

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Main features

Maintenance management software – Prevent your manufacturing downtimes

Our flexibly configurable standard solution covers the requirements of a modern maintenance system at a reasonable price. The maintenance software is an integral part of GFOS.Smart Manufacturing and can be implemented in your company quickly and easily as a "plug and play" solution. This ensures an optimum and efficient usage of your machinery and equipment. 

When used, it enables preventive maintenance of systems, system components, operating equipment and tools. This in turn helps in streamlining manufacturing processes and reducing machine downtimes. Systematically planned machine maintenance also ensures excellent manufacturing with consistently high quality. Time slots when manufacturing is not taking place are blocked to optimize maintenance, thus making it possible to replace parts with regular and high wear in good time. Interval-dependent maintenance work can be scheduled on time using our software and can thus be taken into account in production control / shopfloor management. 

You can choose whether you want to use the maintenance management software under the ERP system or as a stand-alone solution. GFOS thus offers you software that is fully integrated into GFOS.Smart Manufacturing and can thus be used in your company to increase productivity. The management of your machines, tools and other manufacturing-related equipment guarantees you maximum availability with highest reliability.  

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Your benefits

Benefits of our maintenance management software

Setting up maintenance plans

Creating, managing and organizing maintenance plans to optimize maintenance

Intuitive definition of maintenance intervals

Interval and condition-based planning of routine maintenance

Decentralized database

Decentralized and online access to accompanying maintenance documents, drawings, etc. 

Easy monitoring during the process

Seamless recording of the input material via the maintenance software

All features

Functions of the maintenance software at a glance

Intelligent planning of measures

Creation and allocation of maintenance orders, including within the scope of maintenance plans

Efficient scheduling of downtimes

Blocking of machines and manufacturing systems for maintenance work, which is optimized in terms of time and manufacturing

Mobile access

Documentation and booking of maintenance work using tablets, smartphones or stationary industrial PCs

Integrated management of manufacturing resources

Management of tools and other manufacturing-related equipment

Success Stories

Successes with the GFOS maintenance software

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