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Energy consumption is a major factor when it comes to operating costs. It is therefore important to closely monitor and regularly analyze the energy consumption pattern in the company. This helps in identifying optimization potential and increasing the profitability of your business. With the GFOS software for Energy data collection, you get a powerful solution for modern online energy management.

Main features

Energy data collection with GFOS – Keep an eye on the consumption

Depending on the sector, the amount of energy used in industrial processes can be enormous. With that kind of consumption, even small inefficiencies can incur high costs. On the other hand, a modern solution for Energy data collection energy data management system enables an automated and precise recording of all the consumption in the company. This gives you an accurate overview and can help you do away with the error-prone manual reading of the corresponding meters.

Our module for Energy data collection via software supports automatic recording of relevant energy data (electricity, water consumption, steam, etc.) and typical process data (temperature, pressure, etc.). The energy data determined is of particular importance when, for instance, it comes to verifying product-related consumption. 

By using our software, you will receive energy and process data in realtime. The energy data is constantly recorded and enables comprehensive documentation of the entire manufacturing process. The link to the order and material data creates an important data source for further analyses and functional energy management solutions in your company.

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Your benefits

Benefits of the energy data management system

Easy to connect

Open interface technology (OPC UA) for easy connection to any systems and installations

Automatic recording

Less efforts and costs resulting from manual readings 

Low-error data

Lowest error rates for data thanks to the switch to online energy data collection

Basis for energy management

Availability of current and valid data as the basis for effective energy management 

Utilizing savings potential

Identifying inefficiencies in the process for targeted correction and reduction in consumption 

All features

The software functions for energy data collection

Smart networking

Reduction in connection and maintenance effort via the use of OPC UA interface technology 

Realtime monitoring

Extremely synchronized recording and rapid evaluation of all relevant process and energy data

Integrated use

Our energy data collection with softwaremanagement system is fully compatible with the areas machine data acquisition (MDL) and production data acquisition (PDA) 

Powerful module

Connection of numerous machines and users possible - Location of servers and OPC clients can be freely selected

Bundled information

All data from the manufacturing process bundled in one place

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