Workforce management software from GFOS for integrated HR processes

Ensure that your business decisions and HR processes always take a dynamic approach. With the modular workforce management software from GFOS, you can digitize and accelerate your HR tasks - including employee scheduling. You can also benefit from precise and individual evaluations to make fact-based decisions. Our modular HR solution adapts precisely to the requirements of the respective industry, giving you the greatest possible flexibility.

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Main features

With a workforce management system for the working world of tomorrow

The GFOS system allows you to alleviate the workload of HR and planning managers and enable holistic HR management. We provide you with a flexible solution that combines efficiency and employee needs while helping you to develop competitive advantages. Be it recording attendance and absence, employee scheduling, project time tracking, payroll data processing or any other requirements: The workforce management software from GFOS is modular, so you get the exact solution that best suits your industry. On request, you can expand the solution to include functions for resource optimization, human resource staffing, forecasting, manufacturing execution systems or security. The entire GFOS ecosystem is available either in the cloud or as an on-premise solution. Our IT experts offer you technical and specialist support right from the start and assist you with the introduction of the system so that you can get started straight away.

Your benefits
The advantages of workforce management software from GFOS

Holistic workforce management

The comprehensive modules offer you all the options you need to cover all HR processes in your company.

Efficient planning

Seamless integration of resource planning, project and time management enables you to make optimum use of your workforce resources.

Increase motivation

With the help of self-services, a well-thought-out application system, request books, duty swap exchange and transparent workforce deployment plans, you take the pressure off your administration and promote employee motivation and personal responsibility.

Security in planning

The interaction of the various modules simplifies your planning processes and gives you a better overview of requirements and assignments.

Clear data analysis

The evaluation options of the GFOS HRM software offer you comprehensive and customizable reports.

Simple integration

Integrate other areas of the GFOS ecosystem and take advantage of our many interfaces for integration into your system landscape.

All features

Our flexible workforce management software solves your requirements

Time tracking software

Fulfill the legal obligation for time tracking in accordance with EU law and German jurisdiction as well as all collective bargaining requirements. GFOS offers solutions for every industry that can be used anywhere and on different devices.

Learn more about time tracking software

Employee scheduling

Determine requirements, create forecasts, increase employee satisfaction and digitalize your processes with efficient deployment planning and resource optimization. 

Learn more about employee scheduling


Employees and managers benefit from practical workflows for applications and extensive evaluation options.

Learn more about self-services

Project time-recording

Book times directly to projects, sub-projects, tasks or activities for precise controlling and automatic billing of your projects.

Learn more about project time tracking

Payroll accounting

Efficient and digital processes are possible thanks to integrated payroll data preparation with automatic integration into numerous payroll accounting systems.

Learn more about payroll accounting

Absence management

Vacation, illness, business trips and more: record and plan your employees' absences in the workforce management system.

Learn more about absence management

Mobile availability

With the GFOS app, you can make the daily work of your employees both easier and digital: make use of mobile working and project time tracking, applications, duty rosters and much more.

More about mobile availability

Training management

Plan, evaluate and organize trainings, provide your employees with a training overview for registration and send necessary information to participants and speakers.

Learn more about training management

Qualification management

Keep an eye on the skills of your skilled employees: that way, they can be taken into account in planning tasks, for example. 

Learn more about skills management

Workforce analytics

Control HR processes efficiently with HR key figures and evaluations for optimized planning processes, well-founded strategic decisions and to increase the satisfaction of your employees.

Learn more about workforce analytics

Travel expense accounting

Record travel costs and expenses digitally and settle them efficiently: our system allows you to maintain an overview.

Learn more about travel expense accounting

ID card management

One ID card for many functions: with our solution, you can encode and print ID cards flexibly on site.

Learn more about ID card management

SAP interfaces

With our certified SAP interfaces, our solutions integrate seamlessly into your SAP systems.

Learn more about SAP interfaces

Temporary employment

Use the extension module for your temporary employment challenges. The software makes important deadlines visible at a glance. You can filter them using the practical search function.

Learn more about temporary employment functions

In use

Time tracking software from GFOS

Time tracking that suits you

Use online time tracking that not only meets the legal requirements for mandatory time tracking, but also simplifies HR management processes. Record working hours, breaks, overtime and more to the minute. With a variety of recording methods on different end devices - for example via terminal, app and on the PC - flexible use at different locations, countries and in the home office is totally possible. Automatic evaluations always provide you with up-to-date data, while legally prescribed rest and break times are taken into account. A legally compliant and efficient solution as a central component of your workforce management software.

Time tracking software from GFOS

Employee scheduling software from GFOS

Higher employee motivation with employee scheduling

Optimize HR processes with employee scheduling and human resource staffing. The module offers you flexible and cost-optimized planning of employees, temporary workers and temporary staff. The solution takes into account all working time regulations, qualifications and shifts in order to deploy the right employees in the right place at the right time. No matter whether shift operation or flexible hour-based planning: you use the system to suit your requirements and benefit from a wide range of planning options. Plausibility checks support you in complying with maximum and rest periods as well as legal regulations. It is possible to make changes at any time. This makes your day-to-day planning easier and increases the efficiency of duty and shift planning.

Employee scheduling software from GFOS

Employee self-service portal from GFOS

Self-services as part of the workforce management software

With our practical self-service portal, employees and managers can actively shape the way their working time is managed. This enables independent completion of administrative tasks in workforce and time management. From time corrections to home office and training bookings, employees can initiate requests, while management and supervisors can approve or reject requests thanks to clear reports and requests. Here is the result: time savings for numerous areas free up potential for new tasks. Working time autonomy is strengthened, while paperless processing promotes sustainability and efficiency in your organization. Thanks to stored workflows, information flows smoothly and in a targeted manner. Digitize application processes for greater efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Employee self-service portal from GFOS

Project time-recording from GFOS

Project time-recording helps create a clearer overview of daily to-dos

Combine project management and project time tracking with the help of workforce management software from GFOS. This allows you to allocate working times to projects, sub-projects, tasks and activities in a targeted manner. The detailed time data serves as the basis for accurate invoicing to your customers - at the same time, you optimize controlling. The option of allocating time to different projects increases transparency and flexibility. The tool also allows you to assign locations to customers or projects. Simplify your project controlling and project time tracking for your employees and minimize your administrative workload.

Project time-recording from GFOS

Payroll accounting software from GFOS

The payroll accounting software for automated payroll processes

GFOS offers numerous interfaces from the workforce management system to your payroll accounting. Payroll data preparation enables seamless transfer of all payroll-relevant data including retroactive accounting to previous months. You pass this on to your payroll system, saving time and minimizing errors. Our solution also provides automatic calculations of bonuses and performance-based pay - a clear benefit for companies in the production or retail sectors. Further advantages at a glance: automated preparation, a smooth payroll process and various interfaces to common providers such as DATEV, SAP, PAISY, Navision, LOGA, Veda and more. Optimize payroll accounting and reduce your administrative workload with our payroll accounting software and suitable interface solutions.

Payroll accounting software from GFOS

Absence management software from GFOS

Absence recording enables clear planning

Digitize your absence management effortlessly with GFOS. Record vacation, illness and business trips in the attendance and absence recording. Manage all absences centrally for effective time management, employee scheduling and automatic inclusion in shift plans. Monitor continued remuneration and define clear approval processes for your application system. The solution offers many interfaces for ERP systems and enables easy retrieval of the electronic certificate of incapacity for work. Create clarity around the topic of absences - in the team, for those responsible for planning and in your HR department.

Absence management software from GFOS

Time tracking app from GFOS

The GFOS app enables recording - anytime, anywhere

The GFOS app is available for all users of the Mobile module. Record working times, applications, project times and visualize various information clearly in the calendar. The streamlined and user-friendly design is particularly impressive, allowing users to find their way around the application immediately. Within the app, you will find a wide range of functions from the GFOS workforce management system.

Time tracking app from GFOS

Training management software from GFOS

Training management for successful further training measures

The training management of our HRM software structures all aspects of further education and training. Plan and organize your workshops internally or externally. The system supports managers in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of trainings. Assign employees to different training types and store extensive training information. The training leader is automatically reminded when the training is due to take place. With just a few clicks, you receive relevant evaluations on the number of participants, capacity utilization and evaluation. With the integrated training catalog, your employees can find out about trainings on offer, register or cancel a registration at any time. Organize your training management efficiently and facilitate the subsequent evaluation of your training measures.

Training management software from GFOS

Skill management system from GFOS

Efficiently manage qualifications with the human resources management software

Qualification management from GFOS provides an overview of the talent pool: manage your skills centrally and promote required further training. You can use this information for your personnel deployment, among other things, so that you can plan your skilled workers in a resource-optimized manner. You always have an overview of your employees' qualifications so that you can further develop their skills in a targeted manner. You can also monitor the need for regular refresher courses and plan the necessary training measures. Make efficient and employee-friendly use of resources in your company. With our skills management, you can support your further training measures for a competent team.

Skill management system from GFOS

Workforce analytics software from GFOS

Workforce analytics and HR key figures provide precise analyses

With the analysis functions of GFOS, you have control over your HR management. Define your own key figures or use predefined HR key figures to visualize motivation, performance, planning quality and equity. Time tracking software, employee scheduling and human resource requirements provide valuable data for precise forecasts and strategic decisions. Information from working time accounts, reasons for absence and cost center productivity form the basis for statistics and personalized analyses that optimize your planning processes. Always stay one step ahead of the competition and shape your corporate strategy based on sound data with our workforce analytics software.

Workforce analytics software from GFOS

Travel expenses software from GFOS

Digitally map travel and expense reports

Speed up your travel expense accounting and put an end to the chaos of receipts after business trips, workshops and customer appointments. The GFOS solution minimizes handling costs by taking into account detailed travel data such as country scales, expense rates, mileage calculations and entertainment costs. You can use the workforce management system to enable centralized or decentralized billing. Various links with other modules, such as business trip recording, time tracking software or project time tracking, allow you to reduce multiple entries. This allows you to digitize your travel expense accounting and increase the efficiency of your organization as well as the personal responsibility of your employees.

Travel expenses software from GFOS

Employee ID generator with GFOS

Create and encode ID cards in-house

You can easily generate internal employee IDs, individually designed and ready to use for time tracking software, access control system and contactless payment. You use your existing data from the HR master data. ID cards are printed directly from our workforce management software. Our system can also be used to encode ID cards. This makes the entire process of creating, managing and providing ID cards a success. Thanks to in-house printing, you save time and money without having to rely on external service providers. As an option, you can also print visitor IDs and thus simplify your entire ID management.

Employee ID generator with GFOS

Time tracking software with SAP interface from GFOS

Certified SAP interfaces of the GFOS HRM software

The GFOS software world integrates seamlessly into your existing ERP system landscape using SAP interfaces. With over 30 years of experience and a certified connection since 1992, we offer a proven solution for data transfer. Bidirectional and unidirectional interfaces enable the smooth exchange of data and the seamless integration of the entire GFOS software world into your ERP system. This allows you to optimally cover requirements in the areas of workforce management, MES and security. Combine the strengths of GFOS and SAP for a powerful overall solution that meets your individual requirements.

Time tracking software with SAP interface from GFOS

Integrating employee leasing in GFOS

Keep track of deadlines and regulations on temporary employment at all times

Do you employ temporary workers in your company and need to keep track of important regulations on personnel leasing? You can do this with the practical extension in GFOS.Workforce Management. Assign unique identifiers in the staff master data of your temporary workers to filter them quickly in the software. The deadlines for the Temporary Employment Act (German: Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz, AÜG) can be monitored and evaluated in the software for each equality aspect. Special features of collective agreements can also be taken into account. The colored monitoring system draws your attention to the status of your temporary workers and shows you whether there is a need for action.

Integrating employee leasing in GFOS

Tackle your problems using GFOS


Our workforce management software is available in 18 languages. This means you can also integrate your international locations into your digitalization projects and make all HR tasks more efficient there too.

Archiving function

Automatically move your productive database to the archive after a period of time defined by you - keeping your productive database as small and fast as possible. Evaluations from the archive can be done at any time.

Active Directory connection

Use active or e-directory procedures for simple authentication of your users in single sign-on. This speeds up your day-to-day work processes and does not burden your staff with additional passwords.

Trend analysis generator

With an additional module, you can use customized options for individual reporting. In addition to our numerous standard evaluations, this provides you with a construction kit for individual analyses. 

Enable automatic processes

Our automated services also offer you the option of automatically generating various reports at defined intervals, with automatic e-mail dispatch if required.

Easy integration

Connect other parts of the GFOS ecosystem and use our many interfaces for integration into your system landscape.

  • The presentation of the time tracking software and material data management system and the expertise of the GFOS customer advisors ultimately made a compelling case.
    Erwin Strittmatter (Head of IT, Bernbacher)
  • The old software was very unreliable and the interface didn't work. Yet the biggest problem was: when errors occurred, the support team in Nairobi had to be contacted. That was absolutely dreadful and very difficult. With GFOS on the scene, there is nothing better.
    HR manager (integralis)
  • Since we at Intrum in Germany do not have our own IT/server landscape and the entire IT is located in Sweden, the hosting solution from GFOS is of enormous help to us!
    Christoph Balster (Human Resources director, Intrum)
Success Stories

Successes with the workforce management software from GFOS

What is a workforce management system?

If you translate “Workforce Management“ into German, you will find that it means "managing the workforce". However, this includes a range of topics and not just the pure creation of a duty roster. From working time management and quality assurance of planning results to forecasting for future planning and employee retention, there are a large number of processes in this area that can be controlled and evaluated using our HRM software. This gives you the opportunity to make ideal use of various potentials such as working time flexibilization, employee retention and planning reliability. HR managers and management receive a modular solution that opens up new paths to digitalization for the entire areas of human resources and workforce planning.


What are the system requirements for the workforce management software from GFOS?

Our software solution has a general configuration standard that works for many companies. Information on the compatibility of the GFOS software can be found in our system requirements. These are standard requirements. If you have further or more individual requirements, we will find a solution together. Our IT experts will be happy to advise you on your project. 


Which industries benefit from workforce management?

The individual workforce management solutions can be used across all industries. You decide which requirements your company and your industry have in particular. Then select the appropriate modules from our software to master these challenges.

Can I freely combine the modules of the GFOS workforce management solution

Yes, you have the greatest possible flexibility. Some of our modules are a basic prerequisite for the functionality of the products (e.g. determining human resource staffing requirements demands the use of employee scheduling). Nevertheless, you have a versatile and customizable modular system at your disposal. Whether attendance and absence recording, employee scheduling or special solutions such as our cafeteria data management: you decide what you need.

Is the workforce management software from GFOS also available in the cloud?

Yes, the entire GFOS ecosystem is available in the cloud. Our GFOS knownCloud offers you the necessary security with server locations in Germany. This means you can implement the solution in your company more quickly and scale it as required.

Why GFOS software is worthwhile

Users: 3 million

On average, 3 million users utilize GFOS software every day. This is how we digitize working environments worldwide and ensure future viability.

Custom Interfaces 70+

The system was designed for easy integration into your existing IT architecture. We’ve preconfigured custom interfaces for 30 of the world’s most popular payroll management applications and another 40 custom interfaces for common ERP systems.

Countries: 30

Our software is serving to cut labor costs substantially in over 30 countries.

Languages: 18

GFOS solutions are available in 18 languages. This means you benefit from the international deployment options.

Experience: 35+ years

With over 35 years of success and a broad partner network, we offer cross-industry solutions for companies of all sizes.

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