Employee self-service portal – involve employees and speed up processes

Actively involve your workforce in HR processes with an employee self-service portal. This allows them to complete their administrative workforce and time management tasks themselves. Starting with time corrections, home office, business trips, holiday/training bookings, master data changes and much more: our HR self-service solution can increase personal responsibility and relieve your managers and HR department of routine tasks.

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Main features

Employee self-service portal relieves employees and managers

The software from GFOS gives you the opportunity to hand over relatively time-consuming administrative tasks such as time management, approval processes, data maintenance, application management and much more to employees and managers in a secure and completely digital way. This allows them to initiate administrative tasks themselves and gives them more working time autonomy, which has a positive effect on motivation within the workforce.

Switching to a flexible employee self-service portal is a step towards sustainability and efficiency. Handle processes completely paperless and benefit from the time/cost savings and thus the increase in profitability. The software can be accessed conveniently via the intranet using a browser, mobile device or app - regardless of time and place.

Approval structures, authorizations and workflows can be easily stored in the system. This means that people only access the information for which they have approval. A smooth flow of information is created by the ability to define your own processes for various scenarios. The system can map all areas, from application and processing to approval and notification of the employee.

With these fully digitalized processes, our employee self-service portal is intuitive to use and secures the entire application process, as no application is lost or left lying around. In addition to employees, their supervisors and management also benefit from the software's efficiency. Informative reports can be created based on the stored and maintained authorizations - in addition to increasing process efficiency in the company. We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information in person.

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Your benefits

The advantages of the employee self-service software

Increased transparency

Improve the organization of all HR and time management processes in your company. Employees, supervisors and management can view important information and track requests via the employee self-service portal.

Fast processes

Put an end to routine activities: with automated workflows, repetitive processes and transcription errors are a thing of the past.

Accelerated communication

Involve all departments and simplify communication between several people and departments with clear task management.

Independent of time and location

The digital availability of self-service enables access to important information at any time and any place - even internationally. 

Paperless work

The digitalization and standardization of administrative processes makes paper applications superfluous for your organization - you save time and protect the environment.

Employee motivation

Actively involve employees in planning and administrative tasks: this increases motivation, helps with decision-making and improves the digital service experience.

Utilizing potential savings

Significant savings potential is achieved through reduced application and approval costs and increased transparency. 

In use

Making the self-service application process more user-friendly

The defined approval hierarchies in the system enable the automation of many administrative processes through the use of our employee self-service portal. Employees can submit applications online and cancel them again if necessary. 

This includes the following requests, for example: 

  • Vacation
  • Home office / mobile working
  • Overtime
  • Business trips
  • Trainings
  • Special hours
  • Extra shifts
  • Availability requests
  • Headcount changes
Process vacation applications and more using the employee self-service portal

These requests are then forwarded to the persons responsible for approval or their deputies in accordance with the selected settings. They are processed or checked directly online via our employeeself-service software. Open applications are displayed to those responsible so that no application is forgotten.

  • Clear presentation of applications in the dashboard and/or app
  • Absence calendar as a planning aid for teams and departments
  • Direct booking of requests via the self-service software without separate manual entries
  • E-mail notification of approval/rejection
  • Detailed substitution rules for the automated forwarding of requests, e.g. in the absence of the line manager.

Duty and shift planning with connection to the employee self-service portal

Give your employees more freedom and flexibility in organizing their working hours. Our employee self-service software includes several tools that enable employees to coordinate their working hours and shift planning:

  • Shift swap exchange for swapping shifts
  • Preference book for entering preferred working times
  • Preferred duty roster for autonomous planning by employees
  • Availability requests / shift doodle for employees in the event of requests from planners

The advantage for your workforce: individual requests can be specifically incorporated into workforce planning and thus improve the work-life balance of employees. Printed notices are also no longer necessary, as the current duty roster can be viewed digitally anytime and anywhere. This overall improvement in communication around shift and duty rosters creates transparency, planning security, better traceability and saves costs.

In addition to coordination between employees, supervisors can submit availability requests, which employees can accept or reject via the software according to their needs and interests. If corresponding changes are made to the duty rosters, those responsible for planning are automatically informed of these changes by the system. These changes are then scheduled directly via employee scheduling or can be changed manually.

Further features

Smart workflows in your employee self-service software

Submit visitor requests

In connection with access control system, your employees can pre-register visitors and thus easily apply for the required visitor passes or IDs.

Many reporting functions

Whether it is the hours worked in the current payroll period, end-of-day log or attendance monitoring: management and employees can use and export a wide range of reports.

On screen entry

The software provides your employees with an integrated on-screen entry function that they can use in addition to or instead of terminals, apps and other entry methods.

All features

The functions of our employee self-service portal

Edit time and personnel data

Your employees can edit authorized personnel information themselves, relieving your HR department.

Digitize the application process

With our HR self-service solution, you can map vacations, absences, special times and shifts, training bookings and all applications in a single system.

Duty requests and swap offers

Actively involve employees in planning processes: Request books and shift swap exchanges enable participation in shift planning.

Autonomous self-planning

Publish requirements and allow your employees to plan themselves in the desired duty roster. The system ensures simultaneous compliance with legal and operational regulations.

Create reports

Vacation planning, remaining vacation, end-of-day log and more are available to your employees and managers with just a few clicks.

Clear authorization concepts

You set up authorizations in advance so that workflows based on them guide everything in the right direction.

Connection of access control

Employees use the employee self-service portal to register visitors independently and apply for the relevant visitor authorizations.

Success Stories
  • Sickness statistics play a central role in corporate planning. We use them to determine which health management measures we want to take
    Jasmin Holberg (Head of Human Resources and Finance, Karl Finke)
  • There are departments that prefer the approach of a kiosk system for their employees and departments that advocate centralized application via shift supervisors with the "Application for others" function.
    Vanessa Weinert-Klein (Business analyst HR/IT-Systems, Marquardt)
  • Transparency has increased. Employees can view their time account at any time and thus recognize undertime and overtime at an early stage and counteract them, so that the system is gladly used by the employees
    Christoph Balster (Human Resources director, Intrum)

Successes with the employee self-service portal from GFOS

What does Employee Self-Service (ESS) mean?

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is a digital form of personnel administration processes. It allows employees to independently manage their personal information, submit or cancel applications, view balances and find out about HR matters. An self-service portal enables HR departments to automate standard requests for vacation balances, flextime balances, etc. 

At the same time, employees are involved in HR matters, which leads to more personal responsibility and motivation within the company. Supervisors also benefit from these self-service solutions, as they also have management functions that simplify daily analyses, depending on authorization. Various evaluations, approvals, availability requests and much more are thus available to line managers.

What are the system requirements for GFOS employee self-service portal?

Our software solution has a general configuration standard that works for many companies. Information on the compatibility of the GFOS software can be found in our system requirements. These are standard requirements. If you have further or more individual requirements, we will find a solution together. Our IT experts will be happy to advise you on your project.

Can the GFOS workflow component also be operated in the cloud?

Yes, the entire GFOS ecosystem is available in the cloud. Our GFOS knownCloud offers you the necessary security with server locations in Germany. This means you can implement the solution in your company more quickly and scale it as required.

What are the advantages of HR self-services?

For employees: independent information on balances, leave accounts, reporting for tax returns (home office, vacation days, sick days, etc.), initiate administrative processes and applications by yourself, location- and time-independent use of facilitates along with remote work

For companies: enable decentralized work and respond to changing requirements on the labor market, digitize, automate and accelerate administrative processes, paperless and sustainable application system, create simple reports using various evaluation programs

Why GFOS software is worthwhile

Users: 3 million

On average, 3 million users utilize GFOS software every day. This is how we digitize working environments worldwide and ensure future viability.

Custom Interfaces 70+

The system was designed for easy integration into your existing IT architecture. We’ve preconfigured custom interfaces for 30 of the world’s most popular payroll management applications and another 40 custom interfaces for common ERP systems.

Countries: 30

Our software is serving to cut labor costs substantially in over 30 countries.

Languages: 18

GFOS solutions are available in 18 languages. This means you benefit from the international deployment options.

Experience: 35+ years

With over 35 years of success and a broad partner network, we offer cross-industry solutions for companies of all sizes.

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