Travel expenses software - recording and accounting in one tool

Business trips, workshops, trade fairs or training courses: Take care of the subsequent travel expense reporting with our software from GFOS and put an end to the chaos of receipts. Reduce your administrative workload many times over by digitally mapping administrative tasks and integrating your employees into the processes.

Main features

Speed up your reporting with our travel expenses software

Record all expenses relating to business trips and more with the GFOS solution for travel expense reporting. The program enables simple and detailed recording of all trips and receipts. Numerous parameters, such as country scales, expense rates, mileage rate calculation, entertainment costs and more, can be automatically taken into account according to your settings.

This simplifies travel expense management and at the same time gives your employees more personal responsibility. Within the framework of travel expense management, the software supports both centralized accounting, where one department processes all requests together, and decentralized accounting. This variant places more responsibility on your employees, but at the same time enables greater transparency in the recording process:

  • Independent entry of receipts using employee self-services
  • Recording can be done anywhere and at any time
  • Numerous access options (intranet/internet)
  • Online recording ensures digitalization and increased cost transparency

Our travel expenses software further simplifies by the connection to other modules. In combination with project time tracking, intuitive and project-related travel expense accounting is possible. The integration of the modules eliminates the need for multiple entries, streamlines processes and reduces unnecessary effort.

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Your benefits

The advantages of our travel expenses software

Request business trips

Your employees can request their business trips in advance, have them approved by their superiors and then settle them in the travel expense reporting.

Save time

Travel expenses software saves time: Manual effort is eliminated thanks to automatic calculation by the software.

Transparent costs

The clear overview of travel costs and expenses incurred gives your employees and managers transparency at all times.

Minimize errors

Processing travel expenses with software as well as automatic preliminary checks and calculations lead to fewer errors due to manual data entry. Legal changes, e.g. adjustments to expense rates, are automatically added and made available.

Better data analysis

The high level of flexibility in evaluations simplifies regular analysis tasks relating to finance and payroll.

Involve employees

Actively involve your employees in travel expense reporting: Increase satisfaction within the company through independent and fast processing.

Flexible software & cloud availability

The GFOS software world is flexibly expandable and can be used entirely in the GFOS knownCloud. Expand the scope to include cafeteria data management, time tracking software and more.

In use

Travel expenses software - accurate calculation thanks to reliable data

From master data to flat rates, all details and information that are relevant for the subsequent travel expenses reporting can be stored centrally within the software. The program uses the stored data for the calculation. This ensures consistent and accurate accounting without the risk of errors. At the same time, GFOS automatically provides changing flat rates or expense rates. For this reason, the solution is only approved for use in Germany.

Some of the details you can enter in the software:

  • Details of places, hotels, airlines and countries
  • Flat rates and additional expenses (universal/country-specific)
  • Setting up special regulations (e.g. at federal state level)
  • Per diems for meals (recording of free meals / per diems for meals in hotels)
  • Mileage allowances (statutory mileage allowances / different rates for cars, motorcycles, passengers and more)

Our travel expenses software also enables the definition and automatic checking of company guidelines. A software-based pre-check of the data ensures that both the company's own rules and tax regulations are taken into account in the travel expenses reporting. This includes both national and international trips.

Clear, digital travel expense management

Submit individual receipts or record complete trips using the software. Whether it is expense accounting for business meals, travel by private vehicle or other requests: Comment functions on the receipts allow them to be processed clearly. Complete trips can be recorded with or without receipts - if there is a link to the data from project time tracking, project data can also be used.

Our solution for travel expense reporting helps to take into account legal requirements for recording and special cases. This is relevant, for example, if the departure day of a trip is identical to the arrival day of a subsequent trip (combined trip). 

You can create evaluations based on the travel expense reporting via the software, for example to better allocate certain expenses. To do this, you can use the tool to select by cost center, trip number or receipt number, for example.

All evaluations can be processed digitally, viewed by employees in the GFOS web application or made available physically using the print function. Have you already defined a person responsible for checking the travel expenses software? Then the recorded data can also be forwarded directly to this person so that further processing can be carried out quickly.

Transfer data from travel expenses software to payroll system

We support you in reducing potential errors, redundant processes and data entry. That's why you can seamlessly link our travel expense reporting with your in-house payroll system thanks to the corresponding interfaces. In this way, data is automatically transferred from our solution directly to your payroll accounting system. 

At the same time, this also allows expenses to be assigned to specific wage types. Store various rules for payroll accounting according to your requirements and ensure correct remuneration for all your employees.

You can also make changes to data that has already been submitted: Our travel expense management software offers retroactive accounting processing to transfer appropriate adjustments to the data to your payroll system. Changes to accounting rules can be updated centrally just as quickly if required. This ensures that all tax and legal requirements are fully taken into account at all times.

Further features

More options for travel expense reporting

Submit a business trip request

Manage business trip requests centrally via the Employee self-service portal. The information entered there can then be transferred to the travel expense management software and further processing with just a few clicks.

Transferring data to the bank

Alternatively, you can also use the information from the expense accounting to transfer data to the financial accounting department, e.g. for subsequent further processing.

All features

The functions of our travel expenses software

Flexibility with master data

Speed up your administrative processes by storing master data for trips. Many details can be taken into account, e.g. for different countries, federal states, etc.

Accurate receipt entry

Complete flexibility when recording: You have the option of entering individual receipts or complete trips - depending on your requirements. 

Transfer to payroll accounting

Process travel expenses directly thanks to practical interfaces to payroll providers and enable cashless processing.

Control authorizations

Activate the employees you want to participate in the travel expense calculation to define exactly who should use the solution.

Detailed evaluations

Evaluate your travel expense reporting according to various selection criteria - so you always have an overview of all the important data.

How do I generate a report for travel expense accounting?

The generation of a report for travel expense accounting usually takes place in several steps and takes into account various procedures of the company or the respective industry. Some of the common steps in this process would include: data management, travel data verification and validation, approval within the company, data transfer to payroll, and reporting with various expense evaluations. 

What are the system requirements for the travel expenses software from GFOS?

Our software solution has a general configuration standard that works for many companies. Information on the compatibility of the GFOS software can be found in our system requirements. These are standard requirements. If you have further or more individual requirements, we will find a solution together. Our IT experts will be happy to advise you on your project.

Which receipts can I take into account for the travel expense accounting?

You can use a variety of receipts and predefine them in the GFOS solution to calculate your travel expenses or reports using the software. Some receipt types are, for instance, travel costs, hotel costs, entertainment costs, flight and train tickets, cab bills, parking fees and other expenses (such as tolls).

What is included in accommodation costs and additional meal expenses?

Accommodation costs include expenses for hotel accommodation during a business trip. Additional meal expenses refer to costs for meals incurred during the trip, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. The exact amount of additional meal expenses varies depending on the destination and length of stay. It is determined by tax regulations or internal guidelines.

Why GFOS software is worthwhile

Users: 3 million

On average, 3 million users utilize GFOS software every day. This is how we digitize working environments worldwide and ensure future viability.

Custom Interfaces 70+

The system was designed for easy integration into your existing IT architecture. We’ve preconfigured custom interfaces for 30 of the world’s most popular payroll management applications and another 40 custom interfaces for common ERP systems.

Countries: 30

Our software is serving to cut labor costs substantially in over 30 countries.

Languages: 18

GFOS solutions are available in 18 languages. This means you benefit from the international deployment options.

Experience: 35+ years

With over 35 years of success and a broad partner network, we offer cross-industry solutions for companies of all sizes.

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