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Control your most important HR processes with employee scheduling software from GFOS: Keep track of employee availability, compliance, and needs with ease while maximizing flexibility and cost control. GFOS employee scheduling solutions are full of handy features, including automated planning recommendations, and put a wide range of analytical options at your fingertips. 

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Main Features

Individualized employee scheduling planning to fit your needs

Optimize deployment of your workforce: With the GFOS employee scheduling software, you can plan the capacities of employees, whether full-time, part-time or temporary staff, entirely according to the requirements of your company and your employees. Choosing between planning view, person view and daily planning ensures flexible and clear planning options - and with the automatic consideration of assigned working times, shifts, employee requests, legal requirements and required qualifications, you can shorten your planning processes.

The choice between hourly and shift-based scheduling makes the software suitable for use in any industry:

  • Shift-based shift planning: You receive suggestions for employees who fit according to the time model and shift group - so requirements, qualifications and capacities can be matched in the most ideal way.
  • Hour-based scheduling: Smaller-scale scheduling for people per hour, (as an alternative also half-hourly or quarter-hourly) with consideration of availabilities, time models and working hours helps you to optimally deploy the right employees.

Built-in plausibility checks make it possible to automatically check maximum working hours, rest periods and legal regulations - collective bargaining, company and legal provisions are automatically taken into account. In addition, your processes are not only secure but also flexible with the employee scheduling software: Up-to-date plan changes are possible at any time. 

Gunda Cassens-Röhrig
Let scheduling errors be a thing of the past with GFOS employee scheduling. Whether you need a solution that automatically enforces compliance or is capable of integrating your workers’ needs and individual requests, GFOs has you covered.
Gunda Cassens-Röhrig, Product Management & Advisory Board Member, GFOS mbH
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Your advantages

The advantages of our personnel requirements planning software

Time savings for HR managers and planners

Save yourself manual reconciliations and automate the routine processes of your planning tasks, taking into account all legal, collective bargaining and operational requirements. 

Take employee wishes into account

Respond to employee wishes with workforce planning and increase motivation and satisfaction in your company.

Ensure fairness

By ensuring the fairness of your deployment plan, you create employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Available in the cloud

Use the secure GFOS knownCloud to make your employee scheduling software available more quickly and scale it as required.

Evaluations at the touch of a button

Various reports provide detailed information on employee scheduling. You maintain an overview of rule violations, deviations, weekly comparisons and provide duty rosters clearly and promptly.

Fast response times

Fluctuations in demand are normal: The staff planning software from GFOS helps you to react more quickly to changing requirements and to adapt your planning flexibly.

International use

Do you work internationally? No problem! You can use GFOS solutions in 18 languages and thus digitize all locations.

In the application

Employee scheduling software that supports you automatically

With GFOS staff planning software, you can intelligently merge requirements and planning so that hardly any manual adjustments are required: Have the required staffing of all planning units on all working days determined and planned with an automatic proposal in no time at all.

These and other factors are taken into account by our system:

  • Stored rules and regulations
  • Legal regulations
  • Employee requests and availability
  • Qualifications
  • Additional functions, such as first aiders, safety officers, evacuation assistants, etc.
  • Absences
  • Planning units 
  • Fairness counter
  • Requirements
  • Working time models
  • Opening hours / staffing times

Those responsible for planning can assign priorities or exclusion criteria and automatically change planned data manually - all desired changes in the set of rules are then taken into account in subsequent planning.

Comprehensive forecast for employee planning software

Take the next step in optimizing your employee scheduling: Use key figures such as order data, unit numbers, sales, customer frequencies, patient volumes, till transactions, call numbers and more to forecast your target requirements. The daily comparison with actual hours worked, historical data, trends and special incidents enables precise forecasting for your employee scheduling.  By taking into account various key figures as well as all industry and company-specific demand drivers, the software for human resource staffing for a wide range of industries can be used to map any period of time with precise determination of requirements. With the various visualization options and many customization options, you always maintain an overview when displaying all data. 

In all processes, you determine how your data is handled in with the employee scheduling software - because the decision on the use of data from past and future periods lies with those responsible for planning.

Considering employee requests with staff planning software

For easy management of the desired working times, employees' availabilities, working days and days off can be collected centrally in the planning book - the system then draws attention to any planning conflicts during manual planning and takes the entries in the planning book into account in the automatic planning proposal. Employees also have the option of actively participating in employee scheduling: individual working times and their own requests can be freely entered and maintained.

The clever employee scheduling software from GFOS also offers a paperless provision of the duty roster with an additional duty exchange platform: Skilled employees can simply offer their services for swap and once the swap has been confirmed (also approved by superiors if desired), the change is automatically posted in the software. Qualifications and legal regulations are automatically taken into account. 

Another option for additional flexibility and employee involvement in the planning process is the option for employees to plan their own shifts in the desired duty roster.

Always up to date on availabilities and more

The employee scheduling software ideally combines time, costs and skills and allows you to create flexible duty or shift schedules that can be quickly adapted to the current situation. 

Always keep track of attendances, absences and overtime: By connecting to the GFOS workforce management ecosystem, the availability of all employees can be checked at any time. This allows those in charge of planning to react immediately to last-minute changes and send availability requests to employees in the form of a shift doodle, which can be accepted or rejected depending on the availability, even on mobile devices. The time required to fill open shifts is thus reduced to a minimum, as time-consuming inquiries and phone calls are no longer necessary.

Precise labor planning in the production environment

GFOS offers a standardized solution for optimal employee scheduling in production, with which highly flexible and automatic duty and shift schedules can be created. The software takes into account the order situation, individual working time models and production-relevant factors such as qualifications and capacities. Bottlenecks are avoided by automatically allocating personnel assignments to orders, workstations and cost centers. The planned shift and duty schedules are available in shopfloor management for realistic and effective simulation and planning. This allows you to optimize your processes and use the cross-functional database to link qualification-related and needs-based employee scheduling with the requirements from your production. The solution also integrates the performance-based pay and pay bonus calculator, enables production-related analyses in connection with the Manufacturing Execution System and at the same time takes into account the specified working time regulations. The modular approach of the GFOS software world helps to link production, personnel and time management as well as safety requirements.

All Features

Benefit from using the GFOS employee scheduling software

Hourly and shift-based workforce planning

Ideal employee scheduling: The GFOS solution takes into account the individual requirements of your industry and your company.

Automatic HR requirements planning

Use automatic planning proposals to reduce your workload and take into account requests, absences and other factors.

Personnel Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Plug in your key metrics and create algorithm-generated forecasts at the push of a button. Automatically calculates human resource requirements to help you keep labor costs low.

Reports and key figures

Various reports are available for you in the standard service environment. The planning key figures make it easier for you to make strategic decisions and evaluate planning quality.

Service exchange and planning book

You can respond specifically to requests by mapping personal requirements and giving skilled employees the opportunity to enter their availabilities/requests and swap services independently.

Overview of availabilities

All schedule changes, for example, due to spontaneous absences, can be viewed and easily made at any time thanks to the connection to the attendance and absence recording system.

Many expansion options

Expand the employee scheduling software flexibly in order to map requirements relating to workforce management, access and production control. 

Success Stories
  • For each of these workstations, there is a production plan that specifies how many items are to be produced on which machine in which period of time. This planning is done such that a consistently high level of machine utilization is guaranteed. Of course, the corresponding qualifications of the employees must be taken into account. Machine maintenance or planned repairs are also included in the planning.
    Philippe de Surmont (Project Manager Human Resources, IMS Gear)
  • Workers don’t identify with an organization unless they enjoy what they are doing. That includes being esteemed and treated equitably.
    Markus Knöller (Director of Operations, internetstores GmbH)
  • Using the employee scheduling module makes it possible to plan shifts fairly. In addition, part-time models can easily be included in the planning to compensate for peaks caused by part-time employees or student assistants.
    Christoph Balster (Human Resources director, Intrum)

Successes with the GFOS employee scheduling software

What is the goal of employee scheduling?

Simply put, employee scheduling aims to deploy the right people, with the right skills and qualifications, to the right place at the right time. This not only makes it possible to effectively avoid overstaffing and understaffing, but also to plan resources in a cost-optimized manner and with an ideal distribution of the workload. In addition, the software relieves planning managers by making automated suggestions when creating duty rosters and ensures compliance with collective bargaining, legal and operational requirements.

What are the system requirements for GFOS employee scheduling software?

Our software solution has a general configuration standard that works for many companies.  Information on the compatibility of the GFOS software can be found in our system requirements. These are standard requirements. If you have further or more individual requirements, we will find a solution together. Our IT experts will be happy to advise you on your project.

How can I create a duty roster or shift plan?

The duty roster or shift plan can be created on an hourly or shift basis - the system's automatic planning suggestions reduce the manual effort. The finished schedules can then be conveniently made available via the intranet, as a printout or via the app. 

For which industry is workforce planning with GFOS software suitable?

The innovative software solutions from GFOS can be used across all industries. Shift, hourly and demand-based planning modes make it possible to meet the individual requirements of a wide range of companies - whether in industry, trade, the service sector, call centers, healthcare or other sectors. Thanks to daily, weekly, monthly or planning views, all information can be visualized in the solution and challenges faced by those responsible for planning can be solved.

Can the GFOS employee scheduling software also be operated in the cloud?

Yes, the entire GFOS ecosystem is available in the cloud. Our GFOS knownCloud offers you the necessary security with server locations in Germany. This means you can implement the solution in your company more quickly and scale it as required.

Why GFOS software is worthwhile

Users: 3 million

On average, 3 million users utilize GFOS software every day. This is how we digitize working environments worldwide and ensure future viability.

Custom Interfaces 70+

The system was designed for easy integration into your existing IT architecture. We’ve preconfigured custom interfaces for 30 of the world’s most popular payroll management applications and another 40 custom interfaces for common ERP systems.

Countries: 30

Our software is serving to cut labor costs substantially in over 30 countries.

Languages: 18

GFOS solutions are available in 18 languages. This means you benefit from the international deployment options.

Experience: 35+ years

With over 35 years of success and a broad partner network, we offer cross-industry solutions for companies of all sizes.

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