Payroll accounting software from GFOS - simplify payroll accounting with interfaces

Avoid duplicate data maintenance in the payroll and time processing system: with payroll accounting software and interfaces from GFOS, you prepare all data in an interface file, which you then transfer to your payroll system. Our solutions also automatically calculate bonuses, performance pay and piecework pay. Thanks to our payroll software, you save time and work with fewer errors. An integrated retroactive accounting capability saves further expenses and ensures the accounting of all recorded time data.

Main features

Simple connection to your payroll accounting software

Our GFOS system world supports you in simplifying all processes relating to payroll accounting and creating clarity - from recording to payroll accounting. All employee attendance and absence data is available within the system and is updated daily. This means that up-to-date payroll data is available for your workforce at all times.

This database is used to determine and process time-related bonus, basic wage and absence wage types.  The payroll accounting software allows you to automatically evaluate all payroll-relevant wage types based on your employees' recorded time data.  In this way, accurate and reliable monthly payroll accounting is achieved by transferring the wage types to the payroll system used. This means that this information can be processed directly in the payment system.

Our system has interfaces to common providers, including

  • SAP
  • Navision
  • LOGA
  • Veda
  • and 24 other systems
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Your benefits

The advantages of our payroll accounting software

Up-to-date data

Wage and salary data remains up-to-date at all times thanks to permanent background processing

Time saving

Manual processes and data entry in the payroll system are no longer necessary - time-consuming calculation and processing tasks are eliminated.

Easy to expand

The modular structure of the GFOS ecosystem can be easily expanded so that you can also benefit from travel expense accounting, cafeteria data accounting and more.

More transparency

The combination of working time data with automatic transfer to payroll accounting provides a clear basis for calculating bonuses, overtime and more.

Save costs

Save costs by automating your payroll processes. Thanks to our payroll accounting software and common interfaces, your HR department can make better use of working time and resources.

Compliance with guidelines

The use of automated payroll allows you to comply with payroll tax, social security and labor law regulations.

In use

Payroll accounting software automates further processing

The payroll software from GFOS is designed in such a way that it can be used to prepare a wide range of data for immediate further processing. In this context, summarized data can also be created - so you receive a single transfer record with information on the client, personnel number, payroll period and wage type as required.

In addition, wage type determination can also be aggregated by cost center. Wage types can be freely defined within the system, for example according to different employee groups (students, hourly wages, monthly wage/salary recipients, etc.). A range of additional information is also available for the data records:

  • Absence periods including certified connection to the electronic certificate of incapacity for work
  • Attendance days
  • Tax days
  • Social insurance days
  • Flextime / vacation accounts
  • Paid days to target days

The software is designed to output a very detailed breakdown of data if required. In this way, it is also easy to comply with statutory and collectively agreed regulations for determining bonuses. This makes payroll accounting with GFOS software a reliable solution. 

Payroll accounting software with interfaces to your payroll system

With over 30 interfaces to the most common payroll systems, our software can be integrated directly into your payroll accounting workflow. The module already supports permanent data processing - information is only exchanged between the systems in a single interface file. For simple, automated further processing of the information, it can be defined directly that the data record format used by the payroll system is to be used. Various accounts, such as outstanding vacation or flextime hours, are also transferred.

Further manual processing in the payroll system is no longer necessary. To ensure that the payroll accounting software functions as desired, simple test payrolls can be created with just a few clicks. This allows you to quickly check that the interface is working properly. 

Bonus pay calculator used the easy way

Companies strive for efficiency and top performance from their skilled employees, which is often remunerated through performance and bonus wages. The exact calculation of these special remunerations is sometimes very time-consuming. Our payroll accounting software optimizes these processes in connection with the fully automated performance evaluation of the GFOS Manufacturing Execution System. This makes it possible to precisely calculate piecework, bonuses and allowances - taking into account configurable calculation types and definable order and overhead activities. 

The evaluation of individual persons and activities can be set up flexibly, as can group performance.  Changes to the existing calculation model and the addition of new wage types can be easily implemented via master data. Employees can follow the performance evaluation live thanks to permanent calculations.   Realtime monitoring is possible at various levels by employees, line managers and the HR department and protects personal data securely via the integrated authorization concept.

Piecework and bonus calculation and consideration of bonuses

Piecework calculation within the payroll accounting software is based on recorded activities from your production and warehouse organization and takes into account diverse and expandable wage type models.  The bonus calculation integrates piecework results and includes other key figures, enables the weighting of influencing variables, and ensures flexible adjustments. The module records various bonuses, including SEG bonuses, depending on the person, activity and workplace.  Allowance levels can also be based on on-time delivery and scrap rates.  This gives you the accuracy and flexibility to optimize complex pay and bonus structures and minimize administrative costs.

Payroll accounting software from GFOS - intuitive integration into your systems

Data transfer from the payroll system

Transfer important personnel data from the payroll system to your GFOS software - eliminating the need for additional data entry and administration. If necessary, vacation balances can also be exchanged.

Personnel cost planning for resource planning

With our additional module for personnel cost planning, you can determine planned and actual personnel costs, including bonuses, and make them visible in the employee scheduling. If desired, these can also be included as a criterion in automatic resource planning.

Neutral pay interface

Connecting to an individual payroll accounting system is also no problem: with the neutral interface of our payroll accounting software, you can transfer and modify the information in a general data record format.

Connection to travel expenses or cafeteria

Enable cashless accounting in your company using the modules for travel expenses accounting or cafeteria data management. These items are then automatically included in the payroll accounting.

All features

How payroll processing works with our software

Daily valuation

The daily evaluation of attendance and absence times enables payroll data to be determined on a daily basis.

Monthly payroll accounting

Monthly transfer to your payroll system is possible with payroll data preparation at the touch of a button.

Powerful interfaces

We offer interfaces to the most common systems. There is also a neutral pay interface with a general data record format.

Performance based pay for piecework and bonus calculation

Wage types that occur in the production environment, for example, as well as overhead cost activities, can be easily evaluated with our payroll accounting software.


Your billing managers have a wide range of evaluations at their disposal, which they can generate at the touch of a button.

Success Stories
It should be possible for the new software system not only to record and process employees' times, but also to cover the areas of access control, payroll data processing, workflow and employee scheduling.
Kay Goetz (Personnel Officer, Transgourmet)

Successes with the payroll accounting software from GFOS

Which payroll programs are available?

There are a variety of payroll programs that are used in different industries and company sizes. The solution used therefore depends on the requirements of the respective organization. The GFOS software world offers interfaces to many payroll programs, including DATEV, Paisy, SAP, Veda, Hansalog, Loga and many more. This integration into our payroll accounting software enables seamless transfer of working time and bonus data, automates payroll accounting and ensures data consistency for accurate and legally compliant payroll accounting.

How do I create a payroll?

Payroll accounting via software is carried out automatically through the use of our various interfaces. Manual data transfer is therefore not necessary and helps in avoiding errors. You parameterize the system in advance so that it meets your requirements. For example, wage types, wage models, days without bonuses, wage absences and much more are preset. If you wish, you can also trigger payroll data preparation manually, e.g. if you have made changes to your master data.

Which payroll interfaces does GFOS offer?

GFOS already offers various interfaces to common payroll accounting systems. We are constantly working on expanding our range. In addition, a neutral interface is available for your requirements. We will find a solution together. Which payroll system do you use? Feel free to contact us regarding existing interfaces and connection to your payroll system. Our IT experts will be happy to help you.

Can I also use payroll accounting software for performance-based pay and pay bonus calculator?

Yes, it is possible to evaluate performance based pay and incentive pay, bonuses, etc. by connecting to the GFOS Manufacturing Execution System. Factors such as bonuses, allowances and time or quantity-dependent piecework wages are taken into account. Realtime processing with up-to-date data ensures accurate payroll accounting. Employees, HR and line managers can view and track their performance evaluation at any time. 

Why GFOS software is worthwhile

Users: 3 million

On average, 3 million users utilize GFOS software every day. This is how we digitize working environments worldwide and ensure future viability.

Custom Interfaces 70+

The system was designed for easy integration into your existing IT architecture. We’ve preconfigured custom interfaces for 30 of the world’s most popular payroll management applications and another 40 custom interfaces for common ERP systems.

Countries: 30

Our software is serving to cut labor costs substantially in over 30 countries.

Languages: 18

GFOS solutions are available in 18 languages. This means you benefit from the international deployment options.

Experience: 35+ years

With over 35 years of success and a broad partner network, we offer cross-industry solutions for companies of all sizes.

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