MES dashboard – efficient manufacturing monitoring and control

For sustainable optimization of production processes, information and data from your manufacturing process must not only be closely networked but also made visible so that it can be analyzed. The MES dashboard therefore has a central function within GFOS.Smart Manufacturing; the digitalization of your factory is visualized here with smart realtime evaluations

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Main features

MES dashboard – efficient manufacturing monitoring and control

The MES dashboard has different display formats and can therefore be compiled from a portfolio of standard visualizations for every requirement and use case and can also be independently developed further. All collected data can be organized here clearly and as desired. This enables up-to-date control at all times by placing the large amount of operating data in a context that is relevant to decision-making. GFOS is an expert in networked, high-performance manufacturing control systems for a wide range of industries and offers tailor-made solutions for companies and businesses of all sizes, thanks to expandable and configurable templates.

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The functions of our MES dashboard

The functionality of the MES dashboard benefits from the know-how of our experts acquired from over 35 years of successful practical experience. We know that the consolidation and provision of information is a key factor in successful manufacturing operations management. The modular and individually configurable structure incorporates the data from the respective GFOS.Smart Manufacturing sub-modules, thus providing a comprehensive overall picture.

Clear visualization

Graphical and tabular views in the form of widgets such as speedos or classic diagram types at a glance via web access.

KPI integration

KPIs can also be integrated into the interface in the form of widgets

Drill Down

Direct navigation and branching to the relevant detail and source data, e.g. to analyze deviations in a key figure in greater detail

Flexibility & customizability

Drag & drop, simple sizing of the widget and personalized design (of course, the consistent authorization concept always applies in the same manner as the overall system)

Your benefits

The benefits of our MES dashboard

When it comes to production management, visualizing operating data in realtime via a central MES dashboard has a lot of benefits. This is because the graphical and tabular presentation of the relevant information allows processes, measurement data and statuses to be analyzed at a single glance during the manufacturing process. The persons responsible for planning, the foremen and skilled workers as well as the divisional and business managers have access to it and can thus intervene in order to implement corrective measures as well as to reschedule or create reports and documentation. 

Optimized production processes

Clarity, transparency and flexibility in production provide a valid basis for decision-making and are a basic prerequisite for an ongoing improvement process

Comprehensive monitoring

Location-independent access and visually modern presentation of qualitative and quantitative data from the manufacturing process for realtime monitoring and long-term benchmarking

Excellent user experience

Easily, quickly and securely parameterizable dashboard solution for detailed mapping and analysis in realtime. Don’t be restricted to just one dashboard. Design the right visualization for each stakeholder group using our templates.

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