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Informative data on important manufacturing KPIs is a key factor when it comes to working effectively and efficiently. The Key Performance Indicators serve as a tool to make the degree of fulfillment of critical success factors measurable and to be able to evaluate them as a benchmark over time. The GFOS. Smart Manufacturing key performance indicator system enables you to carry out a comprehensive analysis using a database that is up-to-date at all times.

Main features

Making success measurable with GFOS

The GFOS.Smart Manufacturing module for KPI evaluation is a professional tool for calculating and documenting the following standardized manufacturing KPIs: 

Scrap grade | Scrap rate | Document level | Occupancy level | Throughput | Effectiveness | Fall off Rate | First Pass Yield | Rework rate | Net Equipment Effectiveness | Utilization level | Employee productivity | Overall Equipment Effectiveness | Process level | Quality rate | Setup level | Technical utilization level | Availability 

The calculation of key figures in GFOS is based on the VDMA standard sheet 66412 “MES key figures” and the ISO standard 22400-2, which were developed in cooperation with GFOS mbH. We would be happy to personally consult you about how the best ways to integrate the tool into your processes.  

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Your benefits

Benefits of the manufacturing KPIs with GFOS

Standardized key figures

Approved calculation bases- and methods allow quick implementation and comparability

Increased responsiveness

Quicker actions due to a timely assessment of the process quality and its influencing factors

Valid decisions

Management decisions are taken accurately and transparently with the help of Manufacturing KPIs


Graphical visualization of the Key figures provides an overview 

Optimized manufacturing processes

Precise realtime information about the entire manufacturing process for optimized processes over a long time

All features

The functions of our software for KPIs

The manufacturing KPIs are a part of the modular and integrated MES solution from GFOS. Thanks to the flexible structure, additional factors can be added at any time and as required.  

Calculation of key figures

Standardized key figures are available in the software and can easily be expanded to meet company-specific requirements.

Trend analyses

The manufacturing KPIs provide a system of key figures that enables companies to automatically evaluate developments and trends according to any summarization periods and aggregation levels.

Drill Down

Thanks to the drill-down function, it is easy to branch into the relevant raw data and analyze possible deviations in greater detail.

Online Production Monitoring

In addition to user-controlled selection, manufacturing KPIs are constantly determined and visualized. The key figures can be made directly available from shopfloor to topfloor via the PDA terminal, manufacturing online monitor and dashboard.

Alarm management

Constant comparison of the KPIs with defined warning and limit values makes it possible to identify outliers in a targeted manner and initiate measures that enhance efficiency. GFOS.Smart Manufacturing actively alerts relevant people, for example by email or SMS.

Customization options

You can map your company-specific key figures in just a few steps. 

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