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Effective quality management is an absolute must in the industry: high quality standards and uniform product quality are crucial to a company's success in the long run. Our quality management software controls, documents and archives all the relevant quality checks and approvals along the value creation process - right from the receipt of goods to manufacturing and final inspection through to the delivery. 

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Main features

Intelligent QM software – with your manufacturing process being the focus

The quality of your products and services plays a key role across all sectors when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction and staying competitive. Our quality management system has therefore been developed in such a way that it can be adapted to your operational processes in a standardized manner. The user can easily define the test specifications along with their parameters and tolerances in test plans.  

The actual tests are then conducted during production in the form of a worker self-check on test orders. The results are used not only to document the qualification of the produced quantities but also to release or block the goods. The aim is to identify any quality deviations as quickly as possible using our quality management software so that they can be corrected immediately during the production process. This helps in minimizing manufacturing losses and quality costs, thus avoiding any resulting delays. 

Thanks to the dynamic test scheme management, the inspection effort can be systematically adapted to the product quality. Our QM software identifies patterns in the measurement results process and then increases or reduces the test frequency automatically. 

The quality management software from GFOS.Smart Manufacturing is an integrative component for production data acquisition and machine data acquisition in order to trigger the in-process checks for the workers in an event-oriented manner. You can individually define which manual or automatic events during your manufacturing process should lead to a quality check. It is also possible to analyze the test results and their documentation in the context of machines, orders, materials and batches in connection with other GFOS.Smart Manufacturing modules.

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Your benefits

Benefits of our quality management system

Quality assurance

Sustained support for internal quality control, precise and realistic planning and automated adaptation of in-process checks to the actual status.

Actual database

Location-independent, realtime availability of documentation of test results and evaluations of trends, rates and other relevant considerations will make the quality management in your manufacturing process easier. 

High flexibility

Broad possibility of quality data acquisition (online / offline) - automatically or manually.

Easy integration

Easy networking with the ERP system and other relevant processes, machines and test centers.


Our QM software creates transparency that allows us to respond to specific process conditions quickly and specifically. Production losses can thus be quickly contained, thus making it possible to maintain a consistent level of quality.

All features

Functions of the quality management software at a glance

Manual and automated checks

The software enables event-oriented triggering of checks, e.g. at the start and end of manufacturing, at the time of receipt and issuing of goods, as well as a guided worker self-check for the in-process checks.

Quality planning

Our quality management software provides an option for dynamic test planning and test equipment management. The test characteristics can be recorded both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Alarm management

Automated push notifications in case of deviations from the planned test schedule. This allows defined and structured test cycles to be established.


Quality assurance is integrated into the shopfloor right through to the worker frontend. It is ensured by means of guided recording and is uniformly documented. Data can be exchanged with other levels and systems. The standardized QM-IDI interface is available in connection with SAP. 

Quality evaluation

In our QM system, order and batch data can be linked to quality information via a central database. Comprehensive statistics and trends thus help in improving the quality planning.

Mobile use

Our software is optimized for mobile use on manufacturing-relevant tablets, smartphones and other such devices. You can thus obtain a complete overview of the relevant processes anytime, anywhere.

Success Stories
“The options in the QA area are simply fantastic. In the past, we had to create a test plan for each individual item. Now, we can create general test plan groups, which makes our work so much easier.”
Stefan Wirtz (SGL Carbon)

Successes with the quality management software from GFOS

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