Material management system – seamless traceability during manufacturing

Complex production processes, increasing number of variants, regulatory requirements - you can now overcome and master all these challenges with our innovative material management softwaresystem. Our software solution helps in optimizing material flows, reducing inefficiencies and ensuring quality of your products.

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Main features

Stay on top of things with our material management software

Efficient material management is absolutely essential for manufacturing and intra-logistics processes.  A modern software solution offers companies the opportunity to maintain an accurate overview of the current WIP stocks in buffer warehouses between workstations, material flows in the manufacturing process and many other parameters along the value creation chain without putting in a lot of effort.  This ensures that the required materials are available in the necessary quantity and quality at all times.

Regulatory requirements such as product safety laws require manufacturers to assume increasingly greater responsibility towards users. Defective materials used in the production process can not only damage a company's image and reputation, but can also lead to considerable costs (e.g. due to product recalls). The prerequisite for seamless product tracking in terms of the burden of proof is the recording and archiving of all factors involved in the production process (materials, machines, people, process parameters). Here at GFOS, we offer a suitable and flexible solution. 

Our material management system is based on the standards of the VDI 5600 guideline and supports customers in complying with regulations and regulatory requirements such as 21CFR11 of the FDA, GMP or EU standard 178. GFOS.Smart Manufacturing uses track-and-trace to ensure seamless traceability during manufacturing.

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Your benefits

Benefits of our material management software


Complete and state-of-the-art transparency of the WIP and material inventory as well as a high level of detail between input and output variables in realtime, even before retrograde booking of consumption in the ERP system

Agility and flexibility

Fast and flexible intervention thanks to control functions and active control of the WIP (work in progress) 

Optimized processes

Optimized material flow through constant monitoring of material availability, quality statuses and WIP storage locations 


Seamless product tracking at the level of batch and serial number (what was produced where, when, by whom and with which process parameters) 


Compliance with regulatory requirements while minimizing product liability risks

All features

Functions of the material management software at a glance

The material management system from GFOS provides you with an innovative and powerful solution for optimizing your material flow control. The software offers the following functions:

Product and batch tracking

For exact traceability, the system provides an electronic batch record (Electronic Barth Record) of the items produced (forward and backward tracking). This includes all influencing parameters across all stages of the production process - irrespective of whether it is batch size 1, serialized or batch-managed. 

Material flow monitoring and evaluations

Realtime monitoring of WIP stocks and numerous evaluations such as material reports or quantity statistics provide absolute clarity at all levels, right from the shopfloor up to the management level.

Automatic recording of material movements

The material management system independently recognizes which consumptions and receipts of stocks and products are recorded on an order via machine data acquisition or according to the process definition. It is, of course, also possible to record operating personnel manually. 

Active locking

Active locking means that only quality-tested and approved components can be used in the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process is thus secured. 

Batch management and correction functions

The software provides a transparent overview of all WIP stocks and their process parameters such as quality, condition and storage locations in buffer warehouses or on the shopfloor between workstations.

Material flow interface

Material stocks are easily transferred from the inventory-managing ERP system to the material management software via a standardized interface.

HU Management (Handling Units)

The software consistently uses handling units, irrespective of whether they are internally generated or externally specified. From raw materials to the end product, all intermediate stations can thus be mapped.

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