Mission & Vision - GFOS is shaping the future of work

If you want to achieve great things tomorrow, you have to lay the foundations today. Keeping this in mind, at GFOS we redefine work every day - what new challenges will shape the world of work in the future? How do employers and employees need to adapt to these developments? And how can individual software solutions ideally support these change processes? 

A deep passion for the development of creative and future-proof concepts that offer real added value in everyday working life has always determined our thoughts and actions. Without this attitude, the GFOS software world would not be the industry-defining all-round solution that it is today. Get to know our principles - find out more about the GFOS mission & vision here.


We give our customers the most valuable resource in the world: time.


With flexible workforce management, efficient production workflows, reliable access control, and secure and highly available IT infrastructures, we create holistic process and resource optimization, making work easier.


We are determined to create a future of work that is bright, innovative and full of possibilities. A future in which people and companies develop their full potential.


Our guiding principle 'Designing the Future of Work' embodies our deepest commitment to transform the working world sustainably and reduce the burdens, challenges, and complexities often associated with various work processes. We firmly believe that work should be efficient and productive while also fulfilling. Therefore, our mission is to develop innovative solutions that optimize workflows across industries and make work life more enjoyable for everyone involved.

In a time when the demands at the workplace are constantly growing and evolving, we are dedicated to providing tools and resources that enable people to accomplish their tasks more efficiently while also creating space for creativity and personal development. Our focus lies on creating transparency, simplifying processes, and employing innovative technologies to reduce workload and thereby create room for strategic thinking and innovation.

'Designing the Future of Work' is a commitment to our customers that we embody in every facet of our company. We develop intelligent solutions that enhance work productivity and business success, foster collaboration, and reduce stress.

Together, we embark on this journey to shape the workplace of tomorrow.

Our brand promise
We are only satisfied when your company processes function optimally. Every day, we gift you time, which means freedom. Every day, we ensure security without you even noticing. With our solutions, we create connections and revolutionize the working environments of the future."
Katharina Van Meenen-Röhrig, CEO GFOS GROUP
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We live by our values

Our values are the foundation of our unmistakable GFOS culture. They determine the way we work, the way we communicate, the decisions we make and the way we act together - both internally and externally.

First-class customer satisfaction

The customer always comes first with us.


We are convinced that technology is a positive thing. We help to create significant technological innovations that improve people's working environment.

Highest quality standards

We strive to improve every day, analyze our successes, learn from our mistakes and have the courage to take risks.

Social sustainability

We are committed to the social and technological education of children, young people and adults and to the contribution of technology to a sustainable working world.

Integration and diversity

With more than 27 nations, we promote the consideration of different perspectives and incorporate different ideas and experiences into the development of our products. Diversity makes us strong!

Data protection and security

The protection of data, technologies and highly sensitive information is the basis of our actions.


We are a second-generation family business. We are characterized by consistency, foresight and trustworthiness. With our solutions, we create flexible and family-friendly working environments.

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