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GFOS' software for human resources

Our software supports HR managers in their daily work and at the same time provide them with a strong solution in order to make competitive advantages possible and to constantly motivate employees. Furthermore, you get access to detailed insights Workforce Analytics KPIs that support you and your enterprise with sustainable benefits to your company's strategic orientation. Employees are involved in personal matters through self-service tools and are given more responsibility. This, in turn, provides motivation and employee retention - a win-win situation.

Software for employee- and shift scheduling, time tracking and much more

gfos.Workforce is a modular software for human resources that can be tailored to the needs of different industries. Whether in commerce, in the service sector or in the manufacturing field: The goal is to use human resources intelligently and efficiently. You benefit from a constant synchronization of workloads and working hours, creating a productive work environment for you and your employees. Efficiency increases and personnel costs are reduced by avoiding expensive extra hours and idle time. This ensures satisfied customers and high employee motivation, as your staff is actively involved in the organization of their own working environment.

The ECJ ruling on time tracking stipulates that European member states are obliged to systematically track working hours. This is easily possible with gfos.Workforce. You get a systematic tool for scheduling and tracking. The advantage: The digitization of various HR processes creates the basis for you to implement requirements such as work-life balance, more flexibility, home office and other benefits in your company. All legal provisions on working time laws and other regulations, which may vary from country to country, are stored in the system and automatically taken into account in order to provide the best possible protection for you and your enterprise.

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Meet digital requirements

gfos.Workforce offers you various options to introduce digital processes into your daily work routine. Actively engage your employees in personnel matters using employee self service tools. At the same time, you enable a faster processing of applications, billing, shift requests and other matters. Moreover, the mobile use of our software gfos.Workforce | Mobile is designed to meet modern workplace needs so applications can be submitted and approved while on the move. The mobile dashboard provides planning managers with an option of changing the employee schedule immediately in the event of unscheduled cases of illnesses or other matters. No matter which requirements have: Our software for human resources facilitates complex planning around the HR area for a productive working environment.

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