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What does digital transformation mean in the field of Workforce Management?

Digitalizing HR processes and Workforce Management can be understood as a step-by-step process across the entire range of corporate processes that affect Human Resources. In the process, new systems or technical aids are integrated to relieve the HR department. This can include employee scheduling, staff capacity planning, time tracking, employee self services or other areas. gfos.Workforce is a modular software that makes work significantly easier. The individual structure of our solution gives businesses an option to put together exactly what they need. There are countless options for customization. This is how we ensure that every customer gets the solution they are looking for.

Schedule employees skillfully

Use our Workforce Management software to identify staff capacities while respecting employees’ wishes. We help you to identify your demands and to set up accurate capacity planning. This creates the basis of staff scheduling, so that you have qualified personnel in the right place at the right time. While letting our software work for you, you automatically observe the needs of your employees as well as all collective or statutory regulations. Of course, you can easily make short-term changes or consider change requests - even on a mobile basis. The integration of our time tracking software further provides you with the opportunity to evaluate and monitor staff times, project times and much more. This results in a holistic process that revolves around your staff and is geared to the wishes of your employees. The goal: an agile work environment that can respond to market fluctuations, simplify routine tasks and focus on the staff.

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What are the advantages of HR digitalization?

  • Appreciative work culture: flexibility, mobility and demand-oriented schedules
  • Greater responsibility for employees increases transparency
  • Agile corporate structures that are up to modern standards
  • Fair conditions for managers and professionals
  • Increase productivity by considering the needs of employees
  • Simplify and speed up routine tasks

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Why is everything still running manually when digitalizing HR is so easy? We are looking forward to advising you on the way to digital transformation. Discover our individual software solutions. Request an informational callback now.

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