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Employee scheduling in logistics for satisfied customers and staff

An order can only be regarded as completely fulfilled if the consignment arrives at its destination on time and undamaged. For this to work exactly, it is necessary that many small adjusting screws are perfectly coordinated. For example, the goods must arrive at the transshipment point before they can be further processed. If it is a sensitive delivery that requires a continuous cold chain or the like, time is an even more decisive factor. Hence, it is all the more important that qualified personnel are in the right place at the right time. Requirements of the logistics sector can only be covered as good as possible with well thought-out and needs-based staff scheduling. Workforce Management software can be ideally adapted to these requirements. The focus must be on the needs of the skilled workers in order to enable fair and, at the same time, demand-actuated employee scheduling and capacity planning. At the same time, the company goals are supported in the best possible way so that a win-win situation arises for both workers and the enterprise they. Our software is already helping many companies to master the challenges in the logistics industry.


Time tracking in the logistics sector – anytime and anywhere

In addition to the demand-actuated creation of schedules, time tracking also plays an important role in logistics. Specialists in the transport sector are deployed everywhere and at any time - whether on site in the company or on the road. It is therefore essential that time tracking software can cover these factors and take various requirements into account. Track working times on the go with your smartphone, in the warehouse using a terminal or in the office on a computer - the areas of application are diverse. This creates transparency for office employees who work from home, as well as for those who are on the road or in at the warehouse. Agile personnel processes are thus made possible by precise time tracking options and their connection to personnel scheduling, even in industries that are based on shift work.

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Workforce Management in logistics makes staff scheduling easier

Interfaces for payroll & to ERP systems

One of the decisive factors for proper planning is the compatibility factor. This is due to the fact that Workforce Management software for logistics must also be integrated into an existing software environment in the best possible way. ERP systems, warehouse management software and many other components sometimes come together and must be able to communicate seamlessly with one another. The various interfaces of GFOS’ software ensure that interoperability is given at all times. We offer various payroll interfaces, SAP interfaces and also options for integrating customer-specific requirements. In this way, you can be sure that your processes will continue to be represented transparently.


Remain scalable using our GFOS knownCloud

Many companies prefer necessary IT service skills in-house and therefore rely on an on-premise solution. In addition to this software solution, GFOS also offers cloud-capable systems: Our GFOS knownCloud enables a hosting solution that is secure and scalable. The logistics industry in particular shows clearer than ever that future growth through eCommerce and the like will not slow down. In order to answer these challenges, many of our customers already rely on our cloud solution using the GFOS knownCloud. As an ISO 27001 certified company, IT security is our top priority.

What are the advantages of Workforce Management in logistics?

  • Qualified specialists in the right place at the right time
  • Increase in your own service level through better planning
  • Increased motivation of your specialists
  • Time tracking at any time and any place
  • Automatic or manual employee scheduling
  • Exact calculation of the staff capacities
  • Modular structure of the software
  • Possibility to connect a Manufacturing Execution System, e.g. for material management or bonus pay solutions
  • Many different interfaces

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