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Workforce scheduling for a place where every second counts

Strokes, heart attacks and other emergencies require quick responses and fast acting. Here, the doctors and trained nursing staff must be on call to help the patient in the best possible way. However, cost-oriented personnel planning is also of great importance in the healthcare sector in order cover costs. Numerous tariff agreements and working time models must be taken into account. That is why many of our customers in the healthcare sector already rely on our Workforce Management software for employee scheduling and capacity planning.

We help you plan and ensure that qualified staff is available for the right patient at the right time. On-call duty and emergency service are automatically taken into account by our software. At the same time, demand-oriented planning avoids over- or under-staffing. Often, a combination of hourly and shift-based workforce scheduling is the best option in the healthcare sector. gfos.Workforce | Healthcare provides you with numerous benefits. Our solution is a combination of time management and employee scheduling, specially designed for on-call- and emergency service.

Healthcare Workforce Management Software
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Combine shift models with employees’ wishes

A large number of the health and nursing staff is female. Therefore, the compatibility of family and career also plays an important role in hospitals, therapy centers or nursing homes. In addition, there are many part-time employees, especially in the area of nursing care - this means that different shift- and working time models need to be considered. Our software gives you the option of issuing automatic planning suggestions when creating the roster. It factors in employees’ requests for shift exchanges or spontaneous absences. This gives your staff more flexibility and at the same time increases motivation. Flexible working hours while reducing scheduling efforts: Our software solution combines employees’ requirements with efficiency.

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