GFOS Pattern

Expansion modules

gfos.Workforce grows with the requirements that you place on it. The modular structure means that expansions of functions are possible at any time, adapted to the individual requirements of your company.


Learn about our expansion modules in our factsheets:

  • gfos.Workforce | Education planning
  • gfos.Workforce | Applicant management
  • gfos.Workforce | Approval note via workflow
  • gfos.Workforce | Cafeteria management
  • gfos.Workforce | Employee purchase
  • gfos.Workforce | Project management
  • gfos.Workforce | Qualifications management
  • gfos.Workforce | Travel expense report
  • gfos.Workforce | Workshop management
  • gfos.Workforce | Study planning
  • gfos.Workforce | Workflow
  • gfos.Security | Access control

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