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Application management software for easy recruiting processes

Our application management software helps you to fully map the recruiting process: This way, you get to see how many candidates are still open or have already been invited for interviews at any time. Both letter and digital applications are stored centrally in a data pool to access all important information.

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Cafeteria management, application management and many more modules.

Cafeteria management system for tasty breaks

gfos.Workforce | Cafeteria Management allows you to arrange complete menus, so that employees have the option to order their lunch directly at a registration terminal or to choose their desired menu in the cafeteria. In addition, an order system can be set up on the mobile phone. Simply put the menu on the intranet and send out alerts, including information about allergens.

Employee discount programs allow exclusive benefits

Our integrated employee discount program provides your employees with exclusive discounts and benefits for various products from service providers or your own product range. You get to post offers or discounts in the software so your staff is automatically notified. Payment options range from automatic salary reduction to cash payments. Evaluation options provide you with insights about the reception of the program.

Study planner software ensures smooth organization processes

Our study planning software calculates optimal timetables for any number of students based on planned topics, exam dates and lecturer availability. This relieves both your students and staff by handling this routine task. Flexible changes can be made on a daily or short-term basis, for example if there is a case of illness.

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Modular setup for an individual expansion of your Workforce Management.

Tank data acquisition offers a precise overview

Our software for tank data acquisition offers a precise overview of all key figures. Various liquids can be easily monitored using this tool. Both driver and the vehicle can be linked to the process to grant tank permissions and allow for cashless self-service at your location, e.g. using badge readers at the pump.

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