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What is Workforce Management?

Workforce Management includes a number of topics – not only creating a shift schedule. From time tracking to time management, quality control considering planning of shifts, forecasts for employee scheduling and staff retention: There are many processes that need to be controlled and evaluated using Workforce Management software. By doing so, you get the opportunity to make the most of various developments, such as flexible working hours, employee loyalty and target-aimed scheduling. We provide heads of HR and general managers with a modular solution that enables the entire field of human resources find new ways to digitize.

Modular HR software for your digital workplace

Whether you work in retail, in the manufacturing industry, in service or a different field: GFOS' workforce management system for time tracking, employee scheduling or staff capacity planning allow companies to place staff in a target-aimed way while addressing the needs of employees at the same time. Examples of those needs are more flexible working hours or more mobile places of work that are important in an employee-led marketplace.


Overview of interesting gfos.Workforce modules:


Workforce management systems make your work a lot easier.
Use our Workforce Management Software in order to speed up various processes.

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Are you interested in making your HR processes more digital while employees get the option to work cost-effectively? Your employees are your most valuable resource: Make sure that they find motivation, flexibility and a workplace targeted to their needs. Find out about our Workforce Management software. Contact us now for an informational call or request our brochures.

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Are you interested in making your HR processes more digital, while respecting your employees' needs at the same time? Your staff is your most important asset. Make sure that everybody is motivated and flexible in their daily work. Get information about our Workforce Management software. We will gladly advise you on your way towards digital business processes.

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