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Time recording systems for your requirements

Placing your employees in an efficient manner, requires a modern working time management. This starts with staff capacity planning, ranges from employee scheduling to, of course, time tracking. Only if your staff is placed in the best possible way, respecting their own needs, a long and close connection to the company is possible. This increases employee motivation and the efficiency of your workforce. Staff members who are in the right place at the right time, possessing the right qualifications and motivation, work much more efficiently.

Whether you employ 10 or 10,000 people: We offer the ideal time tracking software for your requirements. This makes recording working hours a routine task, facilitating an easy use for your employees. We believe that the degree of digitization should not depend on company size. Therefore, we offer time sheet software for companies of any size.


The ECJ ruling on Time Tracking

In May 2019, the European Court of Justice ruled that time tracking must be systematic - in all European member states. The aim is to create more transparency and to better protect employees against too much overtime and the health consequences that may result from it. Companies ideally implement the requirements of the ECJ ruling with the help of time tracking software – this solution is systematic and secure. Labor courts already base their decisions on the ruling, even if legislators have not yet reacted. Companies that already rely on a system for time tracking are therefore well equipped for the future.

Record times digitally
Use our time tracking software to facilitate easy business processes.

gfos.Workforce | Time Tracker: Your digital time sheet and much more

Our time tracking software for larger enterprises with more than 100 employees enables very individual time management concerning the tracking, planning and evaluation of working hours. All working time models can be mapped using the user-friendly software. With an easy-to-use authorization concept, you can regulate tasks and access rights down to the employee level, so that your staff can, for example, use our employee self service to hand in vacation request forms, request health facilitating measures or take care of other personnel-related matters.

gfos.Workforce provides you with a cross-industry Workforce Management solution that can be expanded to meet your needs, as the gfos product family strikes with its modular design. You also have the option of adding our security solution gfos.Security to protect your business. Whether you use chips, magnetic cards or another method in your facilities: The close cooperation with our hardware partners offers you systems according to your requirements.

What makes our time tracking software so convenient?

  • Compliance with all statutory, collective and company regulations
  • Automatic recording and processing of work and absence times
  • Ability to increase flexibility and motivation
  • Avoid expensive overtime
  • Use of mobile HR software or gfos.App
  • Compensation of unplanned absences and seasonal fluctuations gets easier
  • More transparency and responsibility of your employees
  • Simple time management via terminal, PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
  • Automatic data transfer for payroll accounting through standardized interfaces to all common accounting and controlling systems
  • Various evaluation options for economical work processes
  • Flexible extension options with other Workforce Management modules
  • Automated warnings about rule violations and freely definable incidents

Time tracking software for flexible and efficient workflows

Do not wait until the European Court of Justice ruling on time recording is starting to show first consequences. Digitalize your time management now and thus make processes more flexible. Download our information material or request an informational callback.

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