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Digitalization creates flexibility and transparency

Even after all these years, the label "Made in Germany" still has great significance and is tied to high standards. The product quality and the spirit of innovation, which characterize Germany as an industrial or innovative country, must be maintained. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to follow the path of digital transformation in order to remain competitive and sustainable in global competition - the fourth industrial revolution is both a challenge and an opportunity.

We guide you on your way towards digitalized processes.
Professional solutions for digital process monitoring.

Data-based control, managing, analysis and optimization of production processes require a systematic data collection in order to create a data basis that serves as the basis. Machine- and operating data, energy- and process data, key indicators from detailed scheduling, equipment management and personnel planning provide information about the entire in-house processes. Bottlenecks and optimization potentials can be identified - the data is available as Big Data Analysis centrally within a Manufacturing Execution System in real time and location-independent. Simulation programs enable production-related prioritization that leads to optimized production management.

Software solutions for effective decisions

A professional MES solution provides you with the data foundation that you use as the basis for operational decisions to streamline and optimize production. With ever-increasing complexity of production and logistics processes, you keep an overview and can act quickly and flexibly at any time. A Smart-Factory-oriented Manufacturing Execution System typically includes the following features:

  • The networking of machines, sensors and devices via internet of things enables direct and full communication with people.
  • The digitalization of all processes ensures information transparency and a virtual image of production and logistics - detailed analyses and simulations become possible.
  • Computer- and data-based assistance systems collect and visualize all operational data as well as information and support people in their decisions when controlling processes.
  • Autonomous systems make their own decisions and relieve people of routine activities - in the event of malfunctions or in special cases, warning messages are sent and machines are stopped in emergencies.

Smart Factory aims to digitalize the processes in order to enable a paperless and directly networked operation and to relieve the dispositive level of routine activities. The seal of approval "Made in Germany" should retain its appeal.

GFOS enables your path to Smart Factory

As a professional provider of IT solutions, GFOS has been developing software products for the industrial sector for over 30 years and can draw on extensive practical experience. For and with our customers, our IT experts have developed individual modules that can be used accurately and according to requirements. The system can be expanded at any time and fully integrated into existing software landscapes. This principle allows you to quickly and flexibly adapt or expand your production to the growing requirements - and make your business ready for Smart Factory. Take your chance now and benefit of our IT experts’ know-how to get a decisive competitive advantage. Request an informational callback now.

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