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Production control systems from one of the leading suppliers

MES are production control systems that are located between ERP systems and the production level and are networked directly with the operating processes. They collect, analyze and manage operating, machine and process data and provide real-time data and process control. Professional MES software therefore includes e.g. local production control centers, resource management and a system for production planning, incl. production schedule. The software can be freely parameterized and is successively expandable.

For the success of an MES integration into the existing software landscape standardized and open interfaces to other tools from the manufacturing management are decisive. The professional MES solutions by GFOS mbh give you the flexibility you need to tailor the software to your specific business needs down to the finest detail. This gives you a 360–degree view of your processes and production flows. Our customers have been benefiting from our industry-optimized MES solutions for over 30 years.

MES solutions for every company size

As a leading supplier, we offer innovative MES solutions that can be tailored to any industry- and company-specific needs. The software solution gfos.MES is an ideal tool for production planning, scheduling and stock management. It generates transparency, optimized processes in large and manufacturing companies and thus streamlines production.
MES solutions by GFOS mbH are ideal as they are modular and thus monitor, analyze and control the entire production holistically as well as process-oriented. Process optimization is an important factor for effective production management in manufacturing companies and logistics providers.

We are a leading supplier of MES.
Optimize processes using Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Process-optimized automation with gfos.MES

The analysis of all operating data and close-to-production machine data acquisition as well as open interfaces to ERP systems results in a high-performance manufacturing control system. Take advantage of the effective production planning, the detailed evaluations and comprehensive monitoring of the MES software by GFOS. The networking and visualization of production, machine and process data enables process control in real time. Our feedback systems, production analyses and customized software modules support with process optimization:

Software on-premise or as a cloud service

We cater to a wide variety of requirements and put together the matching software and service package. As one of the leading providers of MES software, GFOS offers both an on-premise and a hosted solution. For this purpose, the company's own GFOS knownCloud is available, which ensures maximum data protection with data centers located in Germany.

Our know-how for your success

As the optimization of processes serves as a link between management and production, our MES solutions provides you with fast reactivity in everyday production and therefore long-term competitiveness in times of digital change. GFOS mbH offers effective and needs-oriented solutions for process optimization in manufacturing management and stock management. Request an informational callback now to lead your business towards Smart Factory.

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