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The benefits of GFOS 'expertise and partnerships

For over 30 years GFOS has been active as a partner to industry and logistics in the field of analytical and innovative services. GFOS supports companies of all sizes and sectors with powerful software modules for production optimization. A systematic and structured data acquisition and analysis forms the basis for the high effectiveness of the software. At the same time, the IT solutions offer all necessary interfaces.
In close cooperation with our partner, the aiXbrain GmbH, a flexible module using AI has been created, which can be added to existing MES modules of the gfos.MES software. The combination of these solutions has the potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the applied scope of services.
Benefit from the many advantages of one of the best and most effective software solutions available on the market:

  • Systematic data acquisition, storage and processing
  • In-depth process analyses using AI solution concepts
  • Creation of future-oriented transparency and flexibility in the manufacturing environment
  • Customizable MES and AI software solution for detailed analysis
  • Innovative machine learning concept for the Manufacturing and Logistics sectors
  • Data protection-compliant recording and management of process and operating data

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MES and AI software solutions for the industrial sector

Our AI solution is based directly on valuable and practical machine, process and operating data generated GFOS’ MES. In this way, actual and target states, throughput numbers and target specifications, possible disruptions and deviation limits can be incorporated into the algorithms of the AI application.

If there is a deviation or an irregularity in the production process, the planner can not only react promptly, but the AI already provides suitable and process-optimized planning alternatives. Artificial Intelligence is also designed for independent learning (machine learning) and independent actions: This is why the AI-based system recognizes deep patterns and relationships in processes and can independently draw conclusions in the event of the smallest deviations.

Predictive maintenance scenarios, which warn of possible malfunctions or failures in advance, already apply in this context to the classic use cases. Maintenance orders can be generated automatically, which are taken into account directly in the planning and control process.

However, AI functions can also be used for other modules of digital production control - for example, in determining employee capacities and schedules. Moreover, they can be used in material flow management. The beneficial effects in these scenarios allow the AI to monitor and evaluate the huge amounts of data (big data) deriving from the Manufacturing Execution System in real time. This makes it possible to plan, control and act in a forward-looking manner on a valid database, which results in a high increase in productivity.

MES & KI as a guarantee of success
AI-based production control and machine learning concepts for industry.

Our know-how aids your productivity

Companies that have implemented a Manufacturing Execution System in their production management are already increasing productivity considerably. The recorded data provide the necessary basis for effectively optimizing processes in the fields of production, logistics, quality assurance and other production-related areas. At the same time, the digital production control enables planning, monitoring and controlling as well as extensive analyses and evaluations independent of location and time.

Make use of this database and GFOS’ innovative know-how to go one step further: by integrating Artificial Intelligence into the digital production control system.

Our IT experts will be happy to advise you and will work with you to design a system customized to your needs in order to make your production as effective as possible.

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