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Covering requirements of electronics production optimally

MES software for the electronics industry has to face a wide range of requirements, as this sector expects ever-shorter cycles of new innovations and new products. At the same time, the complexity of the individual electrotechnical components and their production increases. Hence, you need a system that analyzes each phase towards the finished product separately and consolidates the data in such a way that optimal manufacturing at the highest quality level is made possible: A meticulous process of monitoring the entire emerges and needs the following mechanisms: 

Use gfos.MES for your success
The sector solution by GFOS makes it easy for you to reach Smart Factory.

An effective way of optimizing and analyzing processes

In order to permanently meet the ever-growing demands within the manufacturing industry and to be able to survive in the market, the whole production as well as all related areas have to become more digital – Smart Factory is the buzzword in this case.
Our practice-approved Manufacturing Execution System solutions offer exactly the advantages you need:

  • Fully transparent manufacturing processes
  • Traceable quality assurance
  • Ensuring faultless production
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Sustainable optimization of all processes

From the inspection of incoming goods to the delivery of the finished product

Our IT experts have developed an MES sector solution for electronics manufacturing that fits the specific engineering needs perfectly. Each step of the production traced in detail in order to monitor it and to ensure a thorough quality assurance. The production is increased by uncovered optimization potentials and a small-scale planning, whereby the factor time represents a deciding factor. Since innovations and product cycles are constantly getting shorter, big challenges require innovative IT solution concepts. Our experts are looking forward to advising you in order to optimize various processes for you to make your business ready for the future.

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