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Mobile sector, mobile production processes

The manufacturing of automobiles is not limited to the plants of renowned manufacturers. There are several suppliers who already do a lot of the important work before the final assembly of the vehicle in order to enable a perfect end product. This means that in advance, for example, plastics or metals are processed or produced, which subsequently enable the result at the production line. However, this also means that all partial products, blanks or materials must be traceable in order to be able to use the part number to draw precise conclusions about parts installed during the assembly.

The production process of vehicles is therefore an interconnected system that takes place at many locations and connects various industries. Our gfos.MES software meets these requirements and, thanks to its modular design, it can be adapted to the demands of a wide range of industries. Whether you are planning on collecting operating data, machine data or are looking for a thorough warehouse management - our customers can put together their ideal solution to monitor and optimize their own production in a sustainable and targeted manner. Using (mobile) MES solutions, processes can be controlled along the entire value chain. Jobs become mobile and meet new demands for smart production. You are able to receive an overview of important key figures, such as the number of units, the degree of occupation, or the degree of preparation, at any time.

Benefit from streamlined processes
Manufacturing Execution Systems can help automobile manufacturers.

The benefits of our MES solution for the automotive sector:

  • Cross-sectoral use (for example in metal production or plastics processing)
  • Visualization and overview of all processes
  • Connection to the ERP system using our interfaces
  • Analysis and visualization of (sub-) processes
  • Ideally utilized machines and plants
  • Tracking & tracing of all raw materials

Smart Factory for the automotive industry

In order to facilitate a transition towards new means of transportation, smart production routes are required. That is why sophisticated manufacturing control is so important to make all manufacturing businesses ready for modern production that can compete in the international marketplace. Find out more about our sector solutions and request an informational callback now.

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