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What are employee self service tools?

ESS portals provide your employees with a web-based application submission of personnel-relevant data. This includes various processes surrounding HR and the administration of your enterprise and thus relieves other departments. At the same time, workers are involved, resulting in greater transparency through participation in business processes. Approval processes, data maintenance and other matters are thereby handed over to the hands of your staff.

Vacation planning, application management and more with ESS tools

gfos makes the submission of applications or requests for health-promoting measures easier than ever. The elaborate configuration of the Workforce Management software gfos.Workforce keeps track of everything in the background. Supervisors, leads or other responsible employees are automatically informed about various concerns.

Applications can be approved or rejected in just a few clicks. The system informs the applicant immediately about the status of the application via e-mail - if desired the software also creates an entry in your calendar. Your employees can likewise cancel requests that have been previously submitted. The overview of the existing vacation entitlement is available to your employees at any time. It is also possible to make seminar registrations, apply for business trips or enter travel expenses.

Combine it with our security solution

There are various employee self services in the security sector. Requests for visitor’s passes can be submitted by employees during in-house visits by customers, partners etc. so that they are recorded in the company's security system. In addition, you can set up a visitor self-service. By doing so, visitors have the opportunity to enter their data and request visitor passes on-site.

ESS tools to make processes faster
Use Employee Self-Services to foster transparency in your business.

Shift exchange program for increased employee loyalty

Employee Self Service (ESS) tools provide enterprises with the opportunity to retain more employees in the company. In different areas, such as the healthcare, manufacturing or service industries, it is particularly important to consider employee requests when creating a schedule to express appreciation to each worker. Via online access to the gfos software for employee shift planning, staff can enter their wishes in an integrated shift exchange program. They can request certain working times and transmit them digitally. The supervisor is immediately informed about proposed changes and our HR software can automatically calculate the best possible schedule. Staff also have the option to trade shifts with other co-workers.

Employees can view the hours worked for different billing periods using ESS tools. Likewise, access to the existing schedule is available digitally - eliminating the need to constantly print the latest schedule. Hence, you promote a sustainable working atmosphere and get one step closer to the paperless office. Processes are simplified many times over, as there is an improved flow of communication to employees and supervisors.

Some advantages of ESS tools using gfos:

  • Higher employee satisfaction through direct involvement
  • Simplification of planning processes
  • Real-time data
  • Possibility of a paperless office
  • Information flow through online capability
  • Application for and approval of various applications
  • Travel expenses, registration for seminars or requests for business trips 
  • Integration of cafeteria management possible: view the meal plan, pre-order your menu
  • Self-service for visitor matters: visitor applications or temporary access
  • Extensions of other gfos modules possible

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