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How does software help with employee scheduling?

The term "employee scheduling" refers to the assignment of various qualified employees to various positions as required. Your requirement profile as well as various shift and working time models are automatically taken into account by the software to ensure optimal staff scheduling. Spontaneous changes, absences, shift requests, or open capacities are taken into account by our HR software, minimizing the error rate of the roster or shift plan.

Workforce planning geared to your requirements

You can calculate your capacity using our employee capacity planning software and forecasting tool. This module uses key figures, such as order data, turnover, customer frequencies etc., to determine targeted capacities. The software provides you with the requirements for manual or automatic workforce planning in order to easily create a schedule.

Meet the needs of your employees with a shift request program

Those who have internal processes under control, meet the increasing demands of the market in a confident way. This applies across all sectors - in retail, in the service industry, in medicine, in logistics and in many other areas. Employees are essential to your success as well as to meeting customers’ or patients’ needs. The management has the task of provide enough staff on site. But at the same time, all employee requests regarding shifts should be taken into account. This can be a big challenge if you are dealing with a large number of personnel. Software helps creating a schedule and thus relieves the planning managers. Our shift exchange program is available to your employees: They can put in requests or spontaneous suggestions for changes. Time, cost and competence are calculated by gfos.Workforce | Employee- and Shift Planner.

Plan employees effectively using software
Our employee scheduling software helps you to plan efficiently.

Cover workloads like a pro: hourly- or shift-related planning

Succeed in combining customer satisfaction with employees that have an ideal workload: gfos.Workforce is the master of automatic scheduling. This can be done by the hour or by shift. In the case of shift-related planning, the software considers all shifts and qualifications and then suggests qualified employees. They can be relocated manually as needed. Planning by the hour provides more detailed planning options, i.e. per hour, half-hour or quarter-hour. All absences, pause rules, collective agreements and statutory requirements are included in the Workforce Management software. Of course, you always have the opportunity to make daily changes to the plan or to reschedule them manually. The software creates fast and situational schedules that companies can rely on. This reduces unproductive working hours and equally unwanted overtime, which plays a major role in the time tracking of your employees.

Advantages of our Workforce Management software for employee- and shift planning:

  • Support of shift and full-time models
  • Consideration of all tariff and legal requirements
  • Versatile evaluation options for the corporate strategy
  • Consider employees’ requests to increase employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Flexible shift and hourly planning possible
  • Automated suggestions for schedules
  • Simple, accurate and transparent planning of employees
  • Flexible response to demand fluctuations based on capacity planning
  • Easy to use
  • Possible mobile usage on the tablet

Staff planning at the push of a button: use resources skillfully

Our software helps you accelerate planning processes many times over while being considerate to you employees at the same time. Get digital support and download our brochures or request an informational callback.

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