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A professional time tracking system in the industry sector allows flexible response to variable working time models and changing shift models. The data acquisition and the cross-system data transfer happen automatically:

  • Management of all attendances and absences
  • Planning of substation in the case of unplanned absences
  • Defining and assigning working time models
  • Real-time reconciliation of attendances, target- and actual times
  • Automatic posting of balances to related accounts
  • Calculation of additional salary- or wage types and special benefits
Professional time recording solutions by GFOS.
GFOS provides solutions to track working times in the industrial sector.

The tracking of working hours as well as the saving and use of this data for in-house purposes is assigned to Human Resources. Professional IT solutions make it possible to store various working models and special regulations so that the data collected can be further processed by the employee. As a result, programs and systems for time tracking are usually found in the field of Workforce Management. However, the technical possibilities that such systems offer create versatile and cross-functional areas of application. By a ruling of the ECJ, it is a requirement that time tracking devices are used. Most of the RFID chips or key fobs can be read at terminals. The use of this technology also allows the implementation of an access control system, as well as logging into workstations and machines.

Using know-how and opportunities effectively

A system for time management in the manufacturing sector does not just replace the classic time clock. Rather, digital and automated processes provide a reliable basis for accounting and documenting working hours or absences. The open interfaces allow full integration into existing software landscapes.
You can use the time management module in your production and also have the option for extensions. A holistic system automates and simplifies many routine processes - your employees receive access to the company premises via the identification medium, can clock in at terminals and log on to machines or workplaces, gain access to separate areas via an individual authorization concept, retrieve, edit or send documents, use cashless payment options at the cafeteria and much more. All data are available to authorized departments and staff in charge of analysis and process optimization. Recorded working hours are used for payroll as well as premium- or order-related accounting.

Use the complete potential of our gfos software family

Our IT experts have more than 30 years of experience with cross-divisional and cross-functional systems and their requirements-oriented configuration. After all, our software is one of the leading IT solutions in all three business areas - Manufacturing Execution Systems, Workforce Management and Access Control:

  • gfos.MES is you key to success for optimized and production management.
  • gfos.Workforce helps you to implement digital processes in Human Resources and address the diverse requirements of the modern workplace.
  • gfos.Security your way to a smart and highly effective business security concept.

Proactively controlling your business’ success

Our time tracking solutions for the manufacturing sector support companies in all areas and ensure sustainable process optimization, process streamlining and cost reduction. Benefit from the advantages that our software offers and request an informational callback now.

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