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More transparency for your success

The market is setting the tone: That is why Business Analytics has long ceased to be solely for sales and controlling - employee scheduling and the Human Resources department can make accurate predictions using HR analyses through a variety of time tracking or staff capacity assessments to help it operate cost-effectively. The data provides companies with a workforce analytics tool that allows for statistical evaluations, as well as personnel evaluations related to labor law and many other analysis options. This becomes part of a thorough Business Analytics strategy.

Workforce Analytics for your Business Intelligence

The evaluation options in gfos provide the basis for entrepreneurial decisions. For example, companies can determine whether there is over- or understaffing in order determine optimal staff capacity. Statistical HR analyses of time tracking per cost center, attendances, absences, and all balances show whether employees work too much overtime or may need help. Our customers can leverage historical data and make predictions for the future. Thus, legal regulations as well as all qualifications of the employees are taken into account using Workforce Analytics in order to offer groundbreaking decision-making aids.

Easy ways for your evaluation processes
Workforce Analytics software helps you to gather detailed information.

Business Analytics and its benefits

  • Complete recording of data
  • Clear evaluation options
  • Dashboard with key HR-metrics (e.g., absences, overtime, sick leave, shifts, attendance, seasonal peaks etc.)
  • No manual evaluations needed
  • Unified business metrics for thorough Workforce Analytics strategies

Workforce Analytics for increased employee satisfaction

Different analysis options, such as the working time accounts, the lack of resources or the productivity of different cost centers, provide the management and Human Resources department with important insights for personnel matters and future personnel decisions. This gives the business executive opportunities to make reasonable decisions and to ensure cost-effective operation.

Employee satisfaction is key to keeping employees connected to the company in an age of skill shortage. That is why GFOS has developed HR metrics that can be monitored using our gfos.Workforce software solution. Furthermore, you have the option to define your own HR KPIs using our software. This enables you to conduct Workforce Analytics methods tailored to your needs. Here are a few examples.

Motivation rate

This key figure helps to balance the personal and professional lives of employees. Nobody wants to work in a rigid working time model that leaves no room for flexibility today. The motivation rate shows how high the individual fulfillment rate regarding employee wishes is, e.g. requests for certain shifts in the employee- and shift planner.

Justice rate

Work organization and motivation are closely related. With the justice rate, planning managers have the opportunity to check their quality of planning, for example, per employee or planning area.

Variety rate

The variety rate helps to illustrate the quality of planning. This allows planning managers to ensure the formation of heterogeneous teams that have recourse to a variety of qualifications.

Benefit from extensive analytics

Base yourself on profound data gained by evaluating your own Workforce Management techniques. Therefore, you will be able to make the best decisions for your company. We are pleased to help you.

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