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What is a security dashboard?

A security dashboard, also known as control center, is a tool for visualizing all security-related aspects. These include alarms, open and closed doors, video surveillance and people present in the building. The most practical thing about it: Several people in charge of safety can access the dashboard at the same time and thus gain insights into current conditions. This works independent of time and location, so that you or your security partner are able to check on the current situation between rounds.

Access control or evacuation routes: clear visualizations

Keep track of important aspects concerning building security. The software is in constant exchange with time and access terminals, so that the dashboard always reflects the current status. If a door is unlocked for an uncommon period of time, the dashboard sends out an alarm message to inform security officers about the unusual situation. Also, in the case of unauthorized access attempts to the site, an alarm posted automatically. You further have the option of evaluating reader and access logs and linking the presence monitor to the dashboard. This gives you an overview of people in the building and is important in cases of emergency, such as building evacuation: You can ensure that no employee, visitor or supplier is still on the site.

Keep track of all safety aspects in your enterprise.
Get real-time information about security aspects using a mobile dashboard.

These are the benefits of a security dashboard

  • Clear visualization of all security-relevant information about your company
  • Remote unlocking of doors without being on site
  • Access to presence monitor: display of your visitor management and staff present
  • Alarm management possible at any time
  • Possible integration of video surveillance
  • Practical support of security staff
  • Automatic alarm notifications when connected to the burglar alarm system
  • Evaluations of reader and access protocols
  • In combination with our time management: time synchronization and terminal restart

Your mobile security concept

gfos.Security | Security Dashboard is a useful addition to your existing concept. Access control, burglar alarm and video surveillance can be integrated into a mobile system. Download our free factsheet now or request an informational callback today.

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