Manage vehicle access control safely with GFOS

The integration of a control of access for vehicles enables you to efficiently manage access to your premises and parking spaces. This allows you to automate processes and ensure that your premises are regulated even at peak times - increasing your efficiency in terms of vehicle movements and maintaining your security level at the same time.

Main features

Control of vehicle access - secure overview of vehicle movements

With the software solution for vehicle access control, you can ensure that only authorized cars, motorcycles etc. can access your company premises, your own parking areas or your multi-story parking lot. By controlling access authorizations in this way, you effectively minimize security risks for your company.


Our vehicle access control solution can be used in a variety of ways on site:

  • wide-range transponder in the windshield / on the bumper
    Enables the control of common barrier systems for access monitoring - hands-free access control on approach. Well suited for perimeter protection in the logistics sector or for large vehicles such as trucks.
  • RFID transponder with short range
    System requires a stop to hold the transponder directly against the barrier when the window is open.
  • Control by means of license plate recognition
    The license plates of authorized vehicles are stored and opening is automated. A specially installed camera system recognizes the license plates and compares them with the database. If there is a match, access is granted. 


The system makes it possible to assign, update or revoke authorizations with just a few clicks. This way, you can easily integrate employees or external companies into the control of access with minimal effort or remove authorizations for employees who have left the company.

You can use various reports to generate an overview of vehicle movements on your premises at any time. For example, you can see which transponders have been registered at the barrier in a certain period of time.

Control your fleet hands-free and use the GFOS system already in use. We program the long-range transponders like a standard RFID transponder. This makes it very easy to set up these transponders in the access system. When a truck or car approaches the long-range antenna, the transponder on the bumper / windscreen is recognized at a distance of approx. three to ten meters and authorized IDs are granted access. It's that simple.
Reinhold Roth, Partner Manager of Sales (GFOS mbH)
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Your benefits

The advantages of our vehicle access control

Increase security

Minimize security risks on your premises with regulated access and integrated authorization control.

Fast access

Reduce your waiting times many times over, especially at peak times: authorized employees are simply allowed to pass.


As you grow, our software grows with you. Simply assign new authorizations within the software.

Save costs

Save costs for security staff at your parking lots by automating vehicle access control.

In use

Control driveways and parking lots reliably

Create authorization groups and store the various authorizations for vehicles and their drivers within the software.. For example, all or only authorized employees can be granted access to parking spaces - particularly interesting for limited parking situations on site. 

There are various options for identification. The most common method is probably a transponder with RFID technology. This method communicates with the access reader, queries the user profile and grants access. If the transponder is lost, you do not have to replace the entire access system, but simply revoke the corresponding authorization. In addition, long-range transponders that are carried in the car can also be used - this is a hands-free method that speeds up access processes enormously.

Combining access control system with license plate recognition

License plate recognition is already used in many parking lots. However, this technology can also be used on company premises for vehicle access control. Cameras can be used in conjunction with the software to recognize the license plates of vehicles. You can store the license plates in the personnel master data of your perimeter protection system as additional information. This gives your employees automatic access to the parking lot or parking garage after successful authentication. This reduces the workload for your reception staff or gatekeepers, especially during peak times. Temporary visitor vehicles can also be registered in advance in this way.

All features

The functions of our perimeter access control

Control the barriers

The use of transponders or license plate recognition enables the automatic control of barriers and gates.

Time-controlled access

Define the access period for your barriers and gates - this allows you to specify when access to your site is permitted.

License plate recognition

We work with reliable hardware partners so that you can benefit from integrated license plate recognition.

Visitor and external companies

Issue visitor IDs that allow temporary access, e.g. for tradespeople or building cleaners. 

Success Stories
The biggest challenge is to find a solution that controls access but does not become an obstacle to traffic at the barrier.
Stephan Roth (Product Manager, PCS Systemtechnik - hardware partner of GFOS)

Successes with the vehicle access control from GFOS

Can I connect existing barriers and gates to the perimeter access system?

Yes, you can attach the appropriate hardware and access readers to your barrier or gate system. You store the authorizations within the software so that access can be controlled digitally once the hardware components have been installed. Porters can also open the barrier or gate manually using a soft key (digital button in the dashboard) or a button at reception. A combination of manual opening options or digital access control system using suitable means of identification is also conceivable.

Can cameras also be integrated into system?

We work with partners for video documentation who use special cameras for license plate recognition. You can also visualize existing cameras in the GFOS security dashboard. This relieves the workload of the security officers - they get a practical overview of all areas of the company.

Why GFOS software is worthwhile

Users: 3 million

On average, 3 million users utilize GFOS software every day. This is how we digitize working environments worldwide and ensure future viability.

Custom Interfaces 70+

The system is perfectly integrated into your existing IT system landscape with over 30 interfaces to payroll accounting systems and over 40 interfaces to ERP systems.

Countries: 30

Our software is serving to cut labor costs substantially in over 30 countries.

Languages: 18

GFOS solutions are available in 18 languages. This means you benefit from the international deployment options.

Experience: 35+ years

With over 35 years of success and a broad partner network, we offer cross-industry solutions for companies of all sizes.

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