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Which advantages does an access control system offer?

Access control software provides you with options to regulate entries respecting a variety of considerations. You decide which group of people gains access to a specific room or section. In addition, you decide how the process of identification should be conducted. If it is a particularly sensitive area, then an additional PIN request on the key code lock or the four-eyes-principle may be suitable. Furthermore, you specify the time frames of user access to certain areas. Is it a visitor, an intern or a longtime employee? Assign individual authorization concepts or limit access to the site. In the authorization profile, it is also possible to specify areas of access provided to the individual user. If an employee loses their chip, costly exchanges of locking systems are no longer necessary. You can simply withdraw the rights of the individual chip, making it useless to the person who finds it.

You decide who gets access to which areas.
You can easily regulate access control to different rooms or areas.

Visitor management, evacuation and other matters: flexible ways for expansions

gfos.Security is based on your requirements: Depending on your needs, our security software can be individually extended to best represent your concept. The additional connection of a visitor management system offers you, for example, the advantages of being able to guide visitors in a targeted manner, without the need for an employee to be present at all times. Moreover, areas that need special protection can be blocked, using our access control system.
In a case of emergency, the security system automatically unlocks doors to facilitate easy evacuation. In addition, rescue workers receive a detailed list of all persons in the building or in the room. If there is a fire, it is even possible to display the location of the smoke development using light signals. Moreover, there is an option to set times when certain doors are always unlocked to grant easy access to certain areas in the building so that identification is not necessary.

Some advantages of an access control system

  • Exact definition of people who are authorized
  • Different user profiles
  • Targeted access to areas with special safety measures
  • Easy connection to gfos.Security | Visitor Management
  • Different levels of security depending on the identification method used: e.g. chip, RFID, NFC, biometrics, four-eyes-principle, anti passback process
  • Connection to the gfos.Security | Security Dashboard possible to keep track of security-related information at any time
  • Targeted elevator control by authorized employees to protect different floors
  • Easy integration into time tracking software gfos.Workforce | Time Tracker

Control the access to your business premises

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