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KPI software by GFOS makes success measurable

Key performance indicators, or short KPIs, generate measurable progress within processes and therefore allow for a manufacturing-oriented system concerning usage analysis and its representation. Moreover, they help to identify problems and to retrieve information.
Achieving business objectives and sustainable process optimization through professional KPI systems for performance analysis, require a data basis for the improvement of production- planning and implementation – production data management and machine data collection are the key factors here.

Merging and evaluating production processes is what GFOS has specialized in. For more than three decades, our experts have been working for you on the best and most suitable software within the framework of a professional Manufacturing Execution System.

Analysis of important figures regarding your production.
Effective analysis and visualization of your manufacturing KPIs.

Our manufacturing KPI system is a tool for in-depth documentation and coordination of the following production-relevant parameters:

  • Degree of rejects: expresses the ratio between rejects and total.
  • Reject rate: represents the percentage of rejects throughout the whole production.
  • Degree of occupancy: designates the ratio of the occupancy times of all participating workstations to the total processing time of the orders.
  • Occupancy rate: describes the relationship between the occupancy time of a machine and the scheduled occupancy time.
  • Throughput rate: index for the performance of a process, therefore what quantity is produced per unit of time.
  • Effectiveness: measures the performance of a process.
  • Fall off Rate: indicates how high the reject rate is in relation to the quantity produced in the first working day.
  • First Pass Yield (FPY): the measure of direct process quality in terms of jobs and product.
  • Rework Rate: expresses the percentage of total production that includes rework.
  • Net Equipment effectiveness (NEE): Indicates losses due to plant downtime, cycle time losses and losses due to defective and reworked products.
  • Degree of utilization: the proportion of the main usage time over the entire occupancy time, i.e. a measure of the productivity of the machine.
  • Employee Productivity: provides information about the relationship between the employee's order-related hours of work and the total time of attendance.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): represents the used availability and the effectiveness of the production unit and their quality rate summarized in a key figure (GAE = Overall Efficiency).
  • Process grade: is an index of economy and efficiency of manufacturing.
  • Quality Rate: is the ratio of the yield to the quantity produced.
  • Degree of setup: is an index of the setup component relative to the machining time on the machine.
  • Technical efficiency: depicts the efficiency of a machine.
  • Availability: indicates how much the capacity of the machine is used for the value-added functions in relation to the planned availability.

The gfos software family is a modular solution by GFOS that gives you the greatest possible freedom. You can integrate our professional tools individually into your software landscape or gradually extend them or expand them to the holistic system of gfos.MES. Thus, our programs always adapt to your requirements without any problems. You remain flexible and can counteract technical novelties and innovations. Get ready for Smart Factory and rely on the best KPI tool for performance analysis. Request an informational callback now.

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