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Workshop- and qualification management made simple

Use seminar schedules to give your employees a guide for intended qualification. Core data for locations, speakers and training materials can be stored in the system. Participants and the respective speakers are automatically reminded about their attendance or execution of the seminar via e-mail. The system also draws on participant data to schedule and inform about obligatory events, which can also take place on a regular basis.

From seminar planning to seminar evaluation

The seminar management software also includes the administration of registrations and deregistrations as well as the overview of the various status messages. How many participants have registered? Does the seminar take place? Was it canceled? Everything must be visible to participants, lecturers and those responsible for planning at all times. Appointments, cancellations etc. can be retrieved with the software. Participant lists and certificates are created and booked automatically by the seminar management software. Furthermore, the system allows you to create and evaluate seminar assessment sheets to ensure a lively feedback culture.

In addition, the qualification management of our software solution helps you to automatically assign the acquired qualifications to the respective employee. This will give your employees a guideline that they can use to orient themselves towards the desired qualifications or to further develop them. The maintenance of already existing know-how is also easy to monitor. If a qualification expires, employees and supervisors can automatically be informed about the need to refresh it. If you use our employee- and shift planner, existing qualifications are automatically taken into account.

Facilitate the realization of seminars
Our seminar planning software helps you organize and keep track of qualifications.

The compatibility of gfos.Workforce ensures that other modules of the product family can be integrated with ease. In combination with our time tracking software, seminar attendances can be displayed as planned absences in the employees' time account. This reduces routine tasks and supports your employees across departments.

Your benefits in terms of seminar planning and qualification management:

  • Minimization of routine tasks
  • Overview of all information, such as participants, information material, changes etc.
  • Assistance in planning and managing seminars
  • Integration with gfos.Workforce | Time Tracking to record appointments automatically in the time account
  • Consideration of the individual qualifications of your workforce
  • Better planning security through clear insight into qualifications, for example in personnel planning
  • Simple overview of existing or missing qualifications

Plan seminars easily

If you are looking for a smart way of seminar and qualification management, you should take a closer look at our software solutions that make your everyday life easier. Request information material or an informational callback now.

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