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Employee capacity planning and forecasting

The goal of gfos.Workforce | Employee Capacity Planning is to visualize a shortest possible time frame with a detailed description of the capacity. Whether you work in a hospital, in retail or in manufacturing: Our Workforce Management tool helps companies, public service providers and all other areas to get a reliable basis for employee capacity planning. Various key figures, such as customers, sales, cash transactions, receipts, order volumes, projects and calls, provide the data for the forecasts. This data is constantly compared with the actual hours incurred, allowing the software to provide consistent analysis and accurate personnel planning.

gfos.Workforce | Forecast collects data from various systems and interprets them for your planning security. Historical data, trends and special events are taken into account to calculate the future capacity per day or a specific period of time. Therefore, you can decide if weeks from the past should be included in the calculation. Various calculation algorithms allow for a forecast according to your needs. The visualization options make everything clear for you.

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The collected historical data for the forecast is processed by the software for staff capacity planning. Using the data, automatic recommendations for personnel planning are drawn. The daily comparison with the incurred actual hours leads to a steady improvement of the predictions of the predicted volume of work. In this way, those responsible for planning receive strong support in their daily work in order to sustainably improve the cost planning around resource planning. Absences, break rules, requirements, legal and collective agreements as well as other factors are taken into account by gfos.Workforce automatically. The goal is always as follows: the increase of employee motivation and productivity as well as the connected customer satisfaction.

Some advantages at a glance:

  • Transparent and automatic personnel planning and forecasting
  • The basis for exact employee capacity planning and automated generation of shift schedules
  • Relief and needs-based deployment of employees
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Short reaction times
  • Continuous support in aligning your corporate strategy

Benefit from capacity planning software

Our staff capacity planning software provides you with planning security for your working hours. Increase your productivity with a precisely calculated demand. Download our brochures or request an informational callback.

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