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Simplify processes regarding visitor management

Our visitor management software provides you with an opportunity to document guests with ease. In combination with our access control system, you also have the option of creating personalized authorization concepts for your visitor badges and giving them temporary validity. This realizes clearly defined access areas tailored to your needs. Using the software, you can easily understand how long visitors have stayed in a certain area on your business premises.

Whether you are dealing with a short-term or a long-term visit: gfos.Security | Visitor Management simplifies the entire process of monitoring visitors in your company. If your employees are expecting guests, relevant information about the person can be submitted beforehand via software so that the front desk is already informed about the visit - waiting times are thus a thing of the past. Job candidates hence are able to directly make positive experiences with your company, since unpleasant waiting times no longer occur.

Be informed about visitors, guests, customers and other people on your business premises.
Our visitor management system makes it easy to identify visitors.

Moreover, your guests can enter required data via PC or a touch screen device at the front desk and receive their visitor's ticket or badge immediately. In combination with our access control software, guests, suppliers, applicants or external companies on your company premises can be assigned individualized authorization concepts to specifically control access to building sections. The printing of badges can easily be performed on-site with a badge printer. You have countless options for personalizing the ID cards used in your visitor management system.

Some advantages of our security software for visitor management

  • Easy management and registration using ID cards or badges
  • Individual authorization profiles stored on the means of identification
  • Constant overview of visitors in the building, including check-in and check-out times
  • Modular structure of gfos.Security enables the connection with our comprehensive access control system
  • Automatic blocking of the visitor's pass after a specified time for sustainable building security
  • Various protocol and evaluation options, e.g. access protocol, room monitoring, evacuation list
  • Possible maintenance of visitor master data in gfos.Workforce

Accelerate registration processes with our software

Why do you make your guest administration and registration processes more complicated than they need to be? Take advantage of visitor management software to simplify all procedures in your organization or enterprise. Download the factsheet now or request an informational callback.

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