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Digital lock systems for your company

Forget about complicated installations, which require running numerous cables. With the integration of an electronic locking method using our software, the time-consuming assignment of individual access profiles at the individual locks is eliminated. Everything can be controlled centrally. Our access control system integrates both offline door terminals and mechatronic lock cylinders seamlessly into an online system. The technical base for this is at least one online terminal. Afterwards, the use of mechatronic locking cylinders or offline door terminals is then sufficient and provides our software with all of the necessary information directly at the entryway. Updates regarding permissions are transferred to people at a checking/writing terminal. The reader on the door lock is powered by a battery, eliminating the hassle of running cables. You can flexibly react to reconstructions or extensions of your company.

The combination of online and offline terminals is adaptable to the requirements of your company. This gives you the option to adjust employees’ access profiles whenever needed. In addition, certain areas can be blocked for specific employees and a particular period of time. You can set the details and criteria for individual authorizations. Customers who use our gfos.App can also control access to different areas using the app. In addition, you are able to conveniently unlock doors via NFC (Near Field Communication) – this turns your smartphone into an identification device.

Online- & offline access made simple by us.
Electronic locking systems and online- & offline access can be implemented easily.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Individual adaptation to your internal requirements
  • Affordable and flexible installation options for electronic locking systems
  • Linkage of various control mechanisms
  • Connection to gfos.Security | Security Dashboard possible to view relevant information at any time and location
  • Functionality also given within gfos.App or NFC procedures

Make your locking systems fit for the future

A lost employee ID card: No need to panic! Our access control solution gfos.Security and the integration of digital locking systems facilitates authorization and provides you with an option to withdraw access at any time. Download our free factsheet now or request an informational callback.

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