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Access authorization for your safety

Using our security software, you reduce access logs to the necessary minimum right at the point of origin. This is how you directly meet the requirements for data economy. Likewise, you control who has access to this information and can therefore act restrictively in a protective manner. The limitation of the storage period can be set at the push of a button. All deletion periods of sensitive data are kept in view with our software. If someone requests information about the data stored, you can easily create and make personal lists available.

Why is the GDPR so important for companies?

The aim of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the protection of all personal data. This affects both the online and offline areas. The regulation came into force in May 2018 and has interfered in various areas since then. Companies should regularly check whether data protection measures are adequate and still up-to-date. Whether you use a CRM or HR system, a time tracker or access control tool: All these systems process personal information. Therefore, companies should be careful to ensure that the measures taken to protect these data are observed. This also means that the deletion of the information must be done in accordance with the GDPR.

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Software and data protection – one entity for GFOS

All information collected with software must be stored securely - even if it seems unimportant at first glance. Regardless of whether it is a documentation of authorization concepts in your security software or the recorded working hours stored by your time tracker: You must ensure that the data of your employees, visitors and other people are properly protected. As software producers, we feel obliged to minimize attack surfaces from the outside as much as possible.

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