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Mobility as your success factor

Our mobile MES system delivers these benefits, ranging from on-premise real-time reporting to rapidly delivering information and KPIs to decision-makers in production to your management. In particular, the management needs unrestricted access to the data of the current production at any time and location-independent. If necessary, information can be provided to conduct corrections at any time.

Keep an eye on your production data with mobile tools.
View KPIs and production statuses independent of time and location.

GFOS has been developing professional software solutions for the industrial sector for more than 30 years - the focus has always been on cost and process optimization for the customer. Production processes are always clocked more closely and orders have to be processed and delivered faster. Hence, an optimal and at the same time very flexible resource and production planning is important. Long downtimes due to refitting, unplanned maintenance or even malfunctions must be avoided at all times if possible. Here, a control center can optimally plan in real time with qualitative and quantitative data, keeping an eye on the important facts.
In times of increasing mobility and flexibility, it is absolutely essential that key figures, operating- and process data are also available regardless of location. We provide you with gfos.MES | Mobile, which offers you a mobile dashboard displaying all relevant data and other information located in other MES modules:

  • Listing and visualization of production key indicators
  • Mobile detail evaluations with malfunction analysis options
  • Employee scheduling software as mobile workflow
  • Mobile data collection and real-time synchronization
  • Interfaces and networking with external apps
  • Alarm and alert management as a mobile workflow

Availability on tablet, smartphone or laptop

The mobile MES of GFOS mbH enables you to select and display key figures and graphics that are relevant for your production. So you can access the dashboard optimized for mobile devices everywhere and actively control the production. Detailed evaluations and error analysis tools are available on mobile devices just as a responsive alarm management.

Increase the ability to act enhancing efficiency

If there are deviations from the planning in the production process or if limits that are critical for production figures are reached, a warning message is sent automatically. Our software offers you the possibility to act quickly by defining the medium for automatic alerts (SMS, e-mail, etc.). Take advantage of this opportunity and implement our mobile MES solution in the existing gfos software landscape - our experts will gladly advise you. Request an informational callback now.

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