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GFOS offers professional machine data acquisition software

Professional machine data management creates transparency in production and thus enables fast and targeted control of batches and orders. The data can be assigned to orders in real time and visualization provides optimal controlling of the current production. If there are any malfunctions, direct interventions are possible and the cause of the malfunction can be documented. Machine data collection is essential for effective production management.

Your IT solution for machine data.
Powerful software helps so collect machine data.

For over 30 years, our IT experts have been developing and perfecting gfos.MES | Machine Data Acquisition to give you the technological foundation for digital transformation. Record produced quantities, including the evaluation of reject quantities, and at the same time relieve your employees when entering and documenting orders. This increases your in-house data quality and creates a broad database as the basis for sustainable process and production optimization. Benefit from our professional software for machine data collection:

  • Accurate and fully automatic booking of good-, reject- and rework quantities
  • Updating the machine and system status in real time
  • Transparent manufacturing processes and documentation of all malfunctions
  • Simple and accurate data collection
  • Manufacturer- and system-independent connection of the PLC as well as tapping of analog or digital signals 

You can determine individually, which machine information should be recorded how and at which points. This will give you the data and KPIs that are optimal for your in-house analysis and the resulting optimization measures.

Interfaces, machine communication and data acquisition

Our machine data acquisition of adapts to your conditions and technical requirements. Modern machines can be networked as standard and have OPC interfaces, older machine parks require separate boxes that can be connected to sensors and other measuring devices to record the machine data. Of course, the Distributed Numerical Control Embedding (DNC) is possible using gfos.MES | Machine Data Acquisition. However, such systems not only provide the database for production control and operations management, the collected data can also be used for professional energy- and process data management. Our IT solutions always ensure that hardware and software for machine data acquisition function optimally.

Production optimization using MDA software

Take advantage of our expertise and integrate our machine data collection system into your manufacturing process. Capture all relevant machine data as well as process- and energy data, define the causes of malfunctions, automate the corresponding warnings and create the basis for a software-based optimization of your production. Let our IT experts advise you implement our professional machine data acquisition system in your manufacturing business. Request an informational callback now!

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