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The advantages of GFOS’ MES dashboard

The functionality of the MES dashboard benefits from the know-how of our experts and over 30 years of successful practical experience. The modular and individually configurable structure includes the data from the respective sub-modules of the Manufacturing Execution System and thus offers an overall picture as desired.

As one of the market leaders in the field of digital production control, GFOS has developed innovative and powerful software solutions for the manufacturing sector. Companies of all sizes and in all sectors achieve success using this software, based on the flexibility and the free parameterization, which enable you to outline individual operating and production processes.

  • Clarity, transparency and flexibility in production processes
  • Location-independent visualization and monitoring of qualitative and quantitative data from production and logistics
  • Individually parameterizable MES dashboard solution for detailed analysis in real time
  • Convenient management of process and operating data

Powerful software solutions by GFOS

The MES dashboard has different modes of visualization and can thus be compiled and optimized for every need and application. All recorded data can clearly be organized here as required. This enables an up-to-date control of productivity of the production-, process- and operating data. GFOS is an expert in connected and powerful production control systems for a wide variety of industries and offers customized solutions for companies and businesses of all sizes. Our MES experts are able to adapt the software solution to any given requirement profile in a highly solution-oriented manner. In this way, the company's internal logistics and production processes are recorded and depicted one to one. Your production processes and operating processes form the basis for our Manufacturing Execution System solution – not the other way around. Therefore, we offer a high degree of production-related production control and flexibility.

Efficient production management
Smart dashboard for effective and efficient production control.

Secure your success by relying on our know-how

For the sustainable optimization of production and logistics, information and data collected from production processes must be closely monitored, but also made visible and therefore analyzable. The dashboard therefore has a central function within a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and is, to a certain extent, the flagship of Smart Factory – the digitalization of processes, smart control and real-time evaluations can be bundled here.

Make use of this potential and talk to one of our MES experts. This way, you can pave the way to implementing an effective system for production control and visualization of key figures and production data in your company!

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