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Corporate data centers as well as IT departments that care about complex IT infrastructures and their security are increasingly common or at least a stated goal in many places. However, the costs for the construction as well as the effort for administration and further development are very high, so that not all companies want to set up and operate their own data centers or own server rooms in addition to taking care of their own IT security concepts.
Outsourcing the applications to external data centers seems to be a major hurdle for many organizations. The main reason for this is the loss of control. Many enterprises worry about the corporate data, which is no longer located on the business premises, but hosted on cloud computing systems and provided in unidentified locations.

GFOS knownCloud as your guarantee for success

The task of cloud computing and multicloud concepts is to disengage IT infrastructures from local computers by making them available via a computer network. A distinction is made here between software-centered (SaaS), infrastructure-based (IaaS) and platform-related (PaaS) services.
GFOS knownCloud provides you with a platform located in data centers in Germany. These meet the highest security standards and data protection requirements. The data center is connected to a glass fiber network and has an availability of >99.6%. A duplicated and separately supplied optic fiber cable network as well as permanent monitoring ensure maximum availability. Secured access is guaranteed through the use of high-available firewalls, reverse proxies and application firewalls - personal data is only transferred via encrypted connections.
Our service team looks after all the necessary components for you and ensures a state-of-the-art system:

  • Fast deployment
  • Required software and hardware components
  • All common operating systems
  • High-available databases
  • Virtualized IT infrastructure
  • Required licenses for your company
  • Flexible scalability
  • Mobile connection

In addition, you can outsource the following IT- and security tasks:

  • Data backup and fast recovery
  • Updates of operating systems, databases, hardware, applications etc.
  • Ongoing safety- and penetration tests
  • ISO 27001 certified and data protection compliant (GDPR)
We help you to find the right solution for you.
Use our secure GFOS knownCloud.

In order to officially document requirements and high security standards and to maintain them through external controls, we are ISO 27001 certified:

  • Scope of application: GFOS mbH, Essen and GFOS Technologieberatung GmbH, Essen with the development of software, as well as the provision of associated services and the provision and operation of the GFOS knownCloud

During service hours, due to our spread data centers, a system failure (RTO / Recovery Time Objective) is limited to less than 4 hours, and data loss (RPO / Recovery Point Objective) is less than 10 seconds.

Always secure and flexible

Benefit from our custom-made offers, which are available to you via the GFOS knownCloud 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and at a top service level. Our software family gfos offers preconfigured interfaces to all common ERP systems, so that the system can be integrated directly into your environment without causing problems - it does not matter whether you use our Manufacturing Execution System, Workforce Management or Security modules. Thanks to the modular structure of our software, you can extend your system at any time, reacting spontaneously and flexibly to all situations - no matter how big your company is.
And of course you can also use all modules of gfos.MES and gfos.MES | Midsize as well as gfos.Workforce and gfos.Security as a pure hosting solution.


Application Service Provider

In addition, we offer an ASP solution for Workforce Management that lets you choose between different service levels – you only pay per creditable employee. Our experts will gladly advise you concerning your demands. GFOS Technologieberatung takes care of the extensive administration and system maintenance.
The ASP solution makes work for your HR department or production management easier and allows you to fully concentrate on your core business. You can also profit from noticeable increases in efficiency, significant cost optimization and increased transparency.

Create space, shape the future

Respond to the trend towards multicloud solutions and the increasingly complex world of work by aligning your IT infrastructure with cloud computing concepts. In this way, you create transparency and give your employees the freedom to work in a productive and effective way.

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