GFOS ProAktiv - active management of your IT

With GFOS ProAktiv, we offer you active support for your servers, operating systems and databases. This keeps the focus on your customers, your own IT issues and internal projects in order to move your company forward in the best possible way.

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Main features

Your service with GFOS ProAktiv

In the area of cloud solutions, we support you in making the best possible use of the potential of your company's IT. With our GFOS ProAktiv service package, you always have an overview of which activities are registered on your GFOS server, which resources are available to you and where any (technical) difficulties occur.

Thanks to active monitoring and close support from us, you can be sure that your GFOS server environment is always fully available to you. Any access problems or other complications are kept to a minimum. The extent to which we support you and your company's IT in your workflow can be easily determined in consultation with us based on individual service level agreements (SLAs). This means that your servers, operating systems and databases are always in good hands, even within the cloud.

Your benefits

The advantages of GFOS ProAktiv


Active support and tuning in the face of performance bottlenecks


Regular penetration tests are carried out against the GFOS web application, and recommendations are given on upcoming security patches and network security

Evaluations & status reports

Monitoring log of the GFOS system environment are evaluated and, on request, a monthly status report is also sent by e-mail


In the event of a problem, prioritized technical support is ensured within the system environment (e.g. database) during service hours

All features

The functions of GFOS ProAktiv

Monitoring the system load

The system load is checked regularly and, if necessary, sizing recommendation is given for optimal use of resources or reduction of system load

Evaluation of log files

Targeted evaluation of server activities is carried out using log file analysis

Tuning recommendations are given in the event of performance bottlenecks

We help you identify performance problems and provide individual advice on tuning and optimizing settings

Recommendations for system and database patches

We offer personal advice and tips on updates and patches for systems and databases

What is required for GFOS ProAktiv?

The prerequisites for using our GFOS ProAktiv service package are an active GFOS maintenance contract, administrative system access (VPN or similar) and a monitoring instance installed by GFOS.

How is the system monitored?

Relevant system resources are monitored and logged via the monitoring instance.

How am I informed about the status of the system environment?

If requested, we can create and evaluate monthly reports and provide recommendations for further course of action.

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